DIY Halloween wreaths! DIY Halloween home decor!

DIY Halloween wreaths! DIY Halloween home decor! color styrofoam wreath black. I use to paint the half of the wreath, so I can use it more versatile. fold up handicraft paper cut the whole sheet into stripes lap 2 stripes and fold on end to the other end and fold again slice the ends put the pieces on each other like a “flower” fold to the middle make 2 small cuts cut craft wire in small pieces form the wire to a “U”thread the wires through the cuts at the “flower” pull the paper across the scissors blade while continuing to press with your thumb. The stripes will curl up. stick the curled flowers in the styrofoam repeat,repeat,repeat leave a small part empty on your wreath form a paper sheet to a cylinder make small cuts on the bottom and straighten up draw a circle on the paper and a smaller circle in the centre than cut out – like a ring place on the cylinder and glue cover with handicraft felts and glue sew a button on a (handicraft) felts stripes and stick around the cylinder puncture the wire through the cylinder and stick on the empty space of the wreath decorate with spiders, lil pumpkins, pine cones, etc.
and finished 🙂 DIY Halloween wreaths! DIY Halloween home decor!