DIY Geometric Spheres – So Easy To Make

DIY Geometric Spheres - So Easy To Make Hey guys.
If you’re new, welcome. I’m glad to have you. Today, I wanted to show how I made this geometric sphere, using one balloon and black coffee stirrers. First, I blew up the balloon to the size that I wanted. I took a small ruler and measured it to find the center, then took my scissors and cut it in half. Next, I took one half of the straw and used it as a guide for the other straws that I cut. This is how much I had so far.
Depending on the size of your balloon, determines how many straws you’ll have to cut. I place a dab of hot glue on the balloon, and then placed a straw on top. Next, I glued two additional straws to create a triangle. I repeated the same process, but on the opposite side. I continue to do the same thing, creating triangles. It doesn’t have to be perfect at all, so don’t worry about that. That’s the beauty of it.
And here’s what it looks like, so far. Next, I took something really sharp, and then popped the balloon. I used tweezers to help get the balloon out. You wanna take your time to remove the balloon that is attached to the straw. It does come out, it’s just that you have to take some time and slowly peel it away. You could stop here, but I wanted to give it that luxe look. So I decided to use liquid leaf in classic gold, and paint the tips of each straw.
Simply gorgeous.