DIY Dollar Tree Modern Wall Sconces – So Easy

DIY Dollar Tree Modern Wall Sconces - So Easy Hey guys! I have been doin’ some searching on the internet lately, and I saw that modern wall lights are pretty expensive these days.
So I figure anybody who’s lookin’ for wall lights probably don’t wanna pay these kinda prices. So if you’re on a budget I will show you how you can make your own for $4 using only Dollar Tree supplies. So let’s get started. At the Dollar Tree I purchased these alphabet blocks, a pack of drinking straws, a paper lantern, and a round mirror. The first step that I did was remove the light from the lantern. Using E6000 and a dab of hot glue I attached the block to the light. Next I cut the straws to get rid of the flexible tip.
Next I hot glue each straw to the light. If you notice, I’ve formed a specific pattern, but you can create your own pattern. There are so many ways. I found some of the straws were too long so I decided to cut it down. Afterwards I went outside and spray painted the straws using a silver metallic paint. I bet it will look really pretty in other colors too. Next I flipped over the mirror and removed the felt pads.
This will allow me to have a flat surface. Then I added E6000 to the back of the block and glued it to the mirror. Once the glue was dry I added command strips to the back of it and pressed it on the wall. Now you have modern wall lights you can stick anywhere you want.