DIY Decorated Pumpkin

DIY Decorated Pumpkin – Hey guys, how’s it going? So if you’re wondering what’s all these weird black marks on my hand, I’ve been painting all day. And that’s what we’re going to do today, paint some pumpkins for this upcoming Thanksgiving, or any type of fall festivities that you may be celebrating this year, or you know what? You can also repurpose your old pumpkins from Halloween.
This is a great way to give them a makeover and instead of throwing them away, do something fun to them. So before we get started I want to thank you guys so much for liking my last costume tutorial article. It was something that I don’t usually do. The concept and the vibe of the article, but I wanted to try something different, I wanted to go out of my comfort zone and just have fun. And that’s what life is all about. And I’m glad you guys can open to that and I’m glad that you guys have a wonderful sense of humor. So let’s get started with this.
Okay, so let’s start with some of the materials I will be using. I will be using some colorful craft paint. And this is where you can get creative and select any colors you like. Customize this. Next I will be using some chalkboard spray paint and also metallic paint. This is not necessary, but because I want to add more variety and designs I thought about using this and you will also need Mod Podge. Last of all you will need a paint brush because you will be painting a lot.
Before we do anything let’s clean up our pumpkins from any dirt and yuckiness. Okay, so my next step is going to prime my pumpkin and I’m basically using a base coat. I usually use white if I want my color to pop out. I would use a darker shade if you’re using a darker color. And this just helps the color glide on a little bit more easy and for it to pop out more. So I usually do this before painting. Here are I have a whole bunch of random things that’s been sitting around in my craft room.
I have some studs, I have some sticker buttons, and I have some tacks that’s been collecting. So this is a great way to take those all out and decorate your pumpkin. Now I’m going to paint my pumpkins in a candy theme and I was inspired from candy colored marshmallows. So this one is a really pretty purple. I also have a beautiful sea foam green right here. This just reminds me so much of those pastel marshmallows that you see twisted. Oh, they’re just so pretty.
And next, this one is a yummy, delicious looking pink. So I also like to paint the stem a metallic gold, because it adds a nice sophisticated look and it looks really pretty against the pastel colors. So after the paint dries what I’m doing next is taking out some craft glue, and I’m just adding dots onto this purple pumpkin, and basically I’m just dotting where I want to place my studs. So this is where you can be creative and lay out your design. And here I found some studs from Ebay and I’m using this on my pumpkin. This has been sitting around in my home for the longest time ever and I just, I never used it, so finally I have a project to use these lovely studs. This next design is my favorite because it looks really chic to decorate anywhere.
And what I’m going to do is take a pencil and draw out my design. This can be anything you want, but I want to do the word joy, because it’s just positive, it’s short, and it’s pretty. So as you can see this is super simple. All you have to do is take out your tacks and puncture into where you laid out your design. With the pink pumpkin I’m just going to take a really pretty, cute pearl design and I’m just going to sporadically lay this out on the pumpkin. Luckily these are like little stickers, so they’re a lot easier to apply. And this just reminds me of a princess pumpkin.
So it’s really cute. Okay, are you guys ready to make the tuxedo turkey right here? This is a fun project to make with your kids, or with your friends, whatever it is. So the first thing I’m doing is I’m going to cover the pumpkin about a quarter of the pumpkin with white. And this will be the front part of the turkey man. So next I’m going to take the pumpkin outside and I’m going to spray it with some chalkboard paint. And this will serve as a multipurpose display, because you could have your guests sign the back of turkey man right here.
To prevent spilling over make sure to cover with tape and paper on the white part of the pumpkin. For the head of mister gobble gobble I took a small pumpkin and I sprayed it with metallic paint, and I also made a little bow tie out of lace. This is leftover lace from my Halloween tutorial. So all I’m doing here is I’m going to take some craft glue and glue that bow tie on. Next I’m going to take out some sticker studs and I’m going to place that on my pumpkin as my tuxedo buttons. For my eyes I basically have three different layers of materials. I’m just using random materials that I found around home.
And I cut them into little oval shapes and I’m going to glue them together just like this. So here I’m gluing on the eyes with some craft paint. You could use a hot glue gun too if you like. And then I am going to glue on the beak that I made from scrap fabric. To make the feathers I’m going to use some pipe cleaners and I’m basically going to loop them up and twist them all together. Next I’m just going to glue them in along with some tacks to hold them in place. This next design is made to compliment with the tuxedo turkey.
So I have some scrap lace here from my previous projects, and basically what I’m going to do is I’m going to cut out the design that I’d like on the lace. On an already painted metallic pumpkin I’m going to daub some glue where I want to place my design. Then I’m going to place the lace over that. And then I’m going to daub a little bit more Mod Podge on top of the design. And the Mod Podge should clear up after it dries. So if you’re having a Thanksgiving dinner and you want to build some memories then this is a great way to do so is to have a chalkboard pumpkin. This way your guests can sign in and leave some memorable moments.
So start with a primed pumpkin and then afterward you just have to spray on the chalkboard paint. It’s pretty straightforward. And you only need about one to two coats of this chalkboard paint. It covers quite well. With the smaller pumpkins I like to glaze it with some pearlized paint and metallic paint. It’s really pretty to decorate and break up any other pattern or designs you have going on. So that is basically it.
DIY Decorated Pumpkin