DIY Crystal Scoppio Spheres

DIY Crystal Scoppio Spheres Hey guys. I wanted to share this Scoppio Sphere that I saw on Z Gallerie’s website is going for between $40 and $50 if it’s on a stand depending on the height.
Also there’s one that is off a stand and for this particular project, I’m going to show you one that’s on a stand and I actually blinged mine out. So if you’re interested in adding a piece to your home decor or gifting it for the holiday season, this is a easy project that you can try. I’m going to share the steps that I took so let’s just dive right in. First, I’m going to create the base. If you would like to make this without the stand, you can skip this part. I took the top of an empty box that I had, marked the center of the top, then took one of the dowels that I got from the Dollar Tree, and traced around it with my pencil. And used my X-Acto knife to make the hole.
Next I placed the dowel in the hole and then glued the dowel to the top. Now onto the sphere. You’ll need one styrofoam ball and several small sticks. And I purchased this pack from Hobby Lobby for about $2.50 after I used my 40% coupon. Before I start adding the sticks, I placed the ball on top of the dowel to create a hole. This will be where I place the ball on top of the stand. I’m gonna place my thumb over the hole that was just created so that I will remember not to put a stick there.
Now let’s start adding sticks. I wanted the sticks to be evenly distributed across the ball so I started off by placing them going south, east, west, north, and then in front. Next I added more sticks in between the other ones until I filled it up to my liking. Now that I know where all my sticks will go, I’m going to use my hot glue gun and glue each one down. Off camera, I spray painted the sphere and stand with a metallic spray paint that is foam safe. Please be careful which spray paint you use. Some will actually melt the styrofoam.
After my paint dried, I glued the sphere to the stand using hot glue. And finally I added acrylic jewels to the end of the sticks. As well as on the foam. And that’s it guys, you have a gorgeous sphere of your very own.