Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Dining Room Decorating Ideas Hey there! It’s dining room season where we get to show off and gather in one my favorite rooms in the house! What I love about the is they are a room that still serves the same purpose as it did centuries ago so we just have tons of inspiration to look back on. However, this room is always evolving and changing each year, so this year I wanted to talk about some of the biggest design trends I’m seeing in dining room décor! Skirted Tables A big trend that’s appeared over the last few seasons are skirted dining tables. I love how you can take your existing table and give it a such a fresh, light update with adding a gorgeous skirted slipcover if you will. We took this idea and even incorporated it touch of this style at our own store.
Large architectural pieces as backdrops Another big trend is the use of old outdoor architectural pieces inside the home and being used especially in dining rooms! We’re seeing massive sets of shutters, old doors, antique iron remnants and even old clock faces taking over the dining room – which I find very interesting! Bold patterned wallpaper Often when you think about a dining room you may think elegant, understated and subtle leaning more towards softer finishes on the walls. However, I’m loving the bolder, larger scale patterns on the wallpapers we’re seeing. Even on a classic chinoiserie pattern, I love seeing the jewel tone backdrops – what a way to create a exquisite touch! Mixed room dining rooms This next trend is such a cool trend. We’re seeing mixed used rooms where people are combining dining rooms with other functions.
For instance, take this room – which I’m head over heels in love with – I love this library slash dining room! Wow, how totally inspiring, interesting, and cozy all at the same time! This is a great design blend – what do you think? Crystal Last a huge trend we’re seeing again is the use of crystal in our dining rooms. For a long time we’ve seen the use of wood and iron chandeliers both of which are still really popular but I’m seeing the return of crystal in sconces and chandeliers in a big way. Along with that we’re seeing a huge interest in crystal collections, barware, objects and geodes used as art.