Decorating ideas for a guest bedroom

Decorating ideas for a guest bedroom Hey there! As we get closer to the holiday season many of us are preparing to have guests stay over at our homes. In my own my home I love to keep my guest room high on my design priority list for two reasons. One, I tend to have family stay over frequently so I want my home to feel like a home away from home.
Second, this is one of my favorite rooms to design. I can explore design ideas I may be afraid to commit to in my master bedroom. So today I wanted to share a few of my favorite design tips on how to create a cozy guestroom! My first tip, is really go all out on your bedding. I know it sounds counter-intuitive; the room doesn’t get used often but what a treat for that special person who’s come to spend time with you and your family. I love including layers of bedding, a rich comforter filled duvet, a coverlet and layers of pillows so guests are comfortable. This is also a great way to include all those rich fabric patterns you want to include in your project!
On that note, this is a really nice room to splurge on a beautiful headboard. Next, include an area for a guest to sit and work a little bit. I always like to include a writing table in lieu of a nightstand. In my own home I have a beautiful vintage secretary where a guest can open up a desk area and have access to pens, stationary and even a charging station. Along with that I like to include a chair to sit in either to use at the desk or generally to sit and remove shoes, or put on makeup. This is another great place to look for special, unique one of kind chairs or repurpose a chair that you already have with our chalk finish paint. Next, I love including a few inspired pieces.
This includes pieces from my travels, inspired art that I love, family photos and a few good books. Last, I’m on always on the lookout for unique lamps to keep by my bedside. Skip a boring piece that just does the job and go for something that really makes a design statement in your room!