Daddy Troy: Welcome back to Gear Daddy I’m your host Daddy Troy. Now while useful dressers and bookshelve…

Daddy Troy: Welcome back to Gear Daddy I’m your host Daddy Troy. Now while useful dressersand bookshelves can also be really, really dangerous. A kid starts to climb up the bookshelfor dresser, he or she pulls out the draws puts their hand on the draw, and all of asudden the whole thing starts to tip over onto the kid. This can be really dangerous- possibly even fatal, so you need to attach the dresser to the wall. Today I’m going to show you how to use a furniture strap, this one is by Kid Co. and Alright, today we are going to be durability testing the Lumia 950 XL.
One of the newest phones from Micr… you can get it at One Step Ahead – which is our sponsor this week. One Step Ahead is youronline destination for all your baby proofing needs. And I’m also giving away gift certificates to One Step Ahead this week, so stick around at the end of the program and I’ll tellyou how to get one. First things first, if you’re uncomfortable with doing this or your confused by somethingI say, make sure you hire a professional your child’s safety shouldn’t be compromisedin this whole process. What I’m going to do first is I’m going to take a pencil andI’m going to mark along the top of the dresser where it is, so that I can move the dresseraway and begin to find the studs. The way to find studs is to find a stud’s finder One of the things we get asked a lot is How does a smart home make my life easier? And if … like this one.
Don’t compromise on this, don’t buy a cheap one though – you are goingto be finding studs the rest of your life, so buy a decent one because it can be pretty frustrating when you cant find a stud. You place your stud finder against the wall you press the button and move it left andright and it will beep when it finds the edge of a stud. Studs would usually be, not alwaysbut will usually be an inch and a half wide, so that’s also a good indicator that youfound one. There are other places where you can find studs – right along the windows andin corners often a really good places to find rocks solid studs as they are supporting thoseareas. Once you’ve found a stud your going to grab a drill bit that’s smaller than the actualwhole screw your going to be putting in, pre-drill a whole that’s screwed it without splittingthe wood, then you will take the strap there- a side that says wall on it, and you wantto point that downward in the minimal at least2 screws in the wall – more if you can. The next thing we are going to do, is attach the strap the furniture again to the drilledholes, and go through the same procedures you did to attach the strap to the wall rememberthat you have to find a solid top to drill into or some sort of bracing on the back tomake it secure. Once you’ve done that you do the same thing for another strap, thisparticular system requires 2 sets of straps.
Finally what I really like about this productfrom Kid Co. is that it has a synching mechanism. Once you have it fully attached, you can actuallyjust pull up on it and tighten it down really great, and you can also pull off with adulthands you can pull off the strap and leave it there, so you can actually move the furnitureaway incase you need to clean or something like that. Well that’s all this week from Gear Daddy;remember these directions may change dependingon what product you buy so you always want to consult those directions of if your notsure consult a professional. This whole week of dad labs has been about baby proofing yourhome, and it’s being sponsored by One Step Ahead – your online source for baby proofingneeds. We’re giving away a gift certificate to One Step ahead this week, so come on overto and leave us a comment on any of the episodes this week and you will bein the draw to win. We’ll see you next week on Gear Daddy.