Consumer Family Financial Services Overview

Welcome to the College of Education and Human Ecology, Consumer and Family Financial Services Information SessionBy the end of this session, students will be able to articulate the roleof the Office of Undergraduate Student Services, the admission requirements for entrance into the full major, understand the curriculum and run a degree audit, and finally, the process to change his or her major or meet with an academic This tiny modular home adapts to your moods advisor in the College of Education and Human Ecology. The Office of Undergraduate Student Services, or UGSS for short, is located in A100 PAES Building. The role of UGSS is to assist students on their educational journey from orientation to graduation.
Academic Advisors are here and ready to assist you. Those students interested in Consumer and Family Financial Services will learn about the consumer prospective and decision process, accounting and financial management. Students interested in higher education can use this to prepare for graduate school in business or consumer science. 11 Best Kitchen Storage Ideas Careers include family financial planning, investment banking, purchasing management, bank teller, human resources representative, as well as a loan officer among others. All applicants for Consumer & Family Financial Services must meet the following criteria to be admitted into the major. Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher as well as completed 15 credit hours. The grade of a C or better is also required for ECON 2001.01 and STAT 1430, 1350 or 1450.
The next few slides will explain the process of how to run adegree audit for this major. The degree audit should be viewed as the contract to graduate. Please note, requirements may change. First, visit your Student Center in Buckeye Link. Then, click on Degree Audit. See the screen shot on this slide for the link. On this screen, select the “Run selected Program” button.
You’ll want to change the “College” to “EHE – Education and Human Ecology”. Then, change the “Major” to “CNSFAMFIN”. You will then need to change the “Degree” to “BSHEC” and the “Degree Program” to whichever major you have chosen. Finally, change the “Catalog Year” to “Started in Semesters”. Click “Submit New Audit”. If you need assistance reading the degree audit, you’ll be able to schedule an academic advising appointment at the conclusion of this session. Congratulations on completing this short information session.
Next, you’ll complete a short quiz on what you’ve just learned. Go back to the “Content” page in Carmen and you’ll see the quiz waiting for you . Keep in mind, you must earn a 100% on the quiz to meet with an EHE academic advisor or request your major to be changed. Don’t worry, the quiz is repeatable. Thank you for your time today!