Computerized home filled with tech toys

Glen: Well, I’ve always been interested inComputerized home filled with tech toys electronics. I have an electronics engineering degree. And this is just like the ultimate toy for boys. My name is Glen. Watch Engineers Hack a Door Lock I’m the president of Current Concepts Home AutomationSpecialists in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania. Our clients are looking to enrich their lives, make theirhome fun to live with. Our show home is designed to let the clients know touch andfeel, have interaction with all of the systems that weComputerized home filled with tech toys design and are able to put into their home.
When you come into anybody’s house, including your own, Injuries from TV tip overs have increase a 125% in the last two decades. A child is killed … what’s the first thing you do when somebodyknocks on the door? You go around and turning lights on. In our house, you just press the Welcome to Our Housebutton, which sets all of the lighting scenesthroughout the house. The systems that we design for clients’ homes help them maketheir house more productive, more energy efficient. We have, surprising enough, over178 controlled lightingloads in this house. And we’ve only changed about a dozen bulbs in 12years inside the house.
This is our conference room. That’s set up to show clients a touch ofeverything that we do. Silent Lutron shades. It also has a iPad that controls the house. This is our great room. We have a full home automation system and surround soundsystem in here. So this controls everything right from here.
A nice little handheld remote control. We can control the lighting here. The system is designed and programmed so when the shadesgo down, the window is closed if the windows are open so theshades aren’t sucked up against thewindows from the air. Music? We can select any one of the areas and any one of thesources to go to any area. Lay in bed. Control everything in this room with our lighting keypad.
Shades, skylight. Turn the fireplace on and off. There are stress sensors in the floor. When you go down, the lights stay on for aminute and a half. When you come up, it’s only 40seconds because you’re alreadyup in the light. These two panels are for the Lutronlighting control system. This is what the keypads are talking to.
So the light is not brought to a switch. It’s brought to here. Continual upgrade process all the time. This house is a joy to live in.