Behind in payments, need quick cash, Carrie Kukuda I’m going to give you some ideas to get that money fas…

Behind in payments, need quick cash, Carrie Kukuda I’m going to give you some ideas toget that money fast. Basically I would say to go to your friends and family first. Theyusually give you the lowest interest rate on your money. If you are thinking about maybeusing your credit card I would just use it with caution, make sure you don’t over extendyourself and that you can make your minimum payments. Also if you do have a home loanand the value is still high in this current market, you can look into a line of credit Today I’m going to show you how to replace the battery in the iPhone SE. It looks very similar t… against your home. Just again take caution because if you don’t pay down your debt theycould take your home.
You also have the payday cash advances and they are on every corner so, you can look into doing those but they are pretty costly. So try the top three thatI just told you first. Then if you have to or have a very good relationship with yourboss you can consider asking him for an advancement on pay. Depends on your relationship withhim. I also would look into checking with the bank that you currently do business withmaybe have a checking account with them so that they already know that you manage yourmoney well. And look into a personal loan. They are probably going to be the best one.
If it is a little bit low on the loan, if you are just looking for a little bit quick All right, so this iPhone has been completely wet. You can tell in the charging port there’s a little red… money, you can look into a credit union, their rates are, their rates do very well as well. If that, if any of those don’t work you can’t get them, I would if it is a debt issue and you owe on bills, try to work with that company. So there’s my little quick tips on how toget money fast.