Basic Home Electrical Repairs . Basic Electrical Tools

These are some of the tools that you may or may not need when you are doing your electricalventures around the house. These are your snips, they’re basically just metal shears.Basic Home Electrical Repairs . Basic Electrical Tools Your linesman pliers.
Every electrician needs a crescent wrench. These are cable cutters. Crimper’s. These are just cutters, they’ll cut your standard size wire, you really don’twant to cut anything that’s bigger than an Hi, I’m Mark. In this article, I’m going to show you how to replace the brushes in a Makita grinder.v… 1/8 gauge wire. Bent tip needle nose, causesometimes you’re trying to find something or maneuver something in the way. Then justsome regular beat up old pliers.
And then your strippers; this has two sizes for your Romex, your 14,2 and your 12,2 and then it also has your 14 gauge and your 12 gauge wire.