Ask the Experts — Family Finances – Introducing the panel

Welcome to Ask the Experts we’re going to be talking about family finance tonight, howto support your child beyond their school years. We’re going to be looking at what parentscan expect from the years ahead if your children are entering higher education or if they’relooking for their first job. We’ll be exploring how to organise family finances if you’reon a squeezed budget, and who isn’t these days, and also looking at how parents canhelp their children get ready to leave the nest. And we’ve got a great panel of experts 10 Apartment decor ideas to help us with this: on my far left we have Clare Francis, she’s the Editor in Chief ofmoney supermarket dot com, she’s a consumer finance expert who’s spent years helping households make the most of their money; next to her we have Owen Woodley, he is the Managing Directorof Lloyds Bank Retail so he’s in charge of all of the personal customer accounts thetype which you and I would have if we banked with Lloyds; on my right we’ve got TraceyBleakley, she is the Chief Executive of the Personal Finance Education Group and theyare the UKs leading financial educational charity; and on my far right you’ll probablyrecognise Alvin Hall well known independent financial expert, he was the host of BBC 2Your Money or Your Life as well as many other broadcasts across television and radio where This tiny modular home adapts to your moods he offers practical and psychological financial advice and he’ll be able to do that for ushere today as well. So we’re lucky to have such a spread of expertise across our panel to answer some of the questions that you may have about family finance.