Apple’s Echo-Like Smart Home Device

This is the Amazon echo in the past year it has gained popularity as an assistantthat lives in your home now Google is set to release their own home productApple's Echo-Like Smart Home Device which works in a similar way and now Apple is said to be stepping up plans torelease their own here’s what we know so this device of course would run off ofSiri currently on the iphone you can activate Siri hands-free but having a How To Hang A Photo Wall dedicated device would allow for better technology for microphones and speakersand you could do things like activate your home kid devices with your voicethis is similar to the Amazon echo which has impressive beamforming microphones so you can have the device across the room speak at a normal volume and theecho will still hear you and understand youit works really well the echo though is quite limited currently on what it cando and what it can understand and having a box with Siri built-in could allow youApple's Echo-Like Smart Home Device to do more things along with his home device it also seems Apple wants to Watch Engineers Hack a Door Lock drastically improve Siri on iOS devices which is goodthis would improve functionality the goal here would be to control yourentire system with just your voice now as for this in Home device from Applethere are rumors of prototype models with cameras built-in and this would allow it to use facial recognition to see who is talking to the device andbase its answers off of that there’s also rumors of multiple sizes being testedsimilar to the alexa line but no word on whether those will come to productionnow it also seems like the prototypes are in the in-home testing phase forthose working on the project and although it’s not an exact measurementof time looking at the testing time for the apple TV and the ipad gives us anidea maybe six months to a year out so it’s still early days but it definitelyseems apples experimenting here basically siri for your home