…Amongst the tornado nearly 1 mile wide killing at least 16 people in Joplin, when it tore through the he…

…Amongst the tornado nearly 1 mile wide killing at least 16 people in Joplin, whenit tore through the heart of the mid-western city. 100s more were injured as it tore theroof off of a hospital and destroyed thousands of homes and businesses. U.
S. officials describeit as the deadliest one to the hit the U. S. in nearly 60 years. I was sleeping here inmy recliner in this corner. There were glass windows on either side of me. If I hadn’twoke up I would have gone with the car I guess.
I was reading the newspaper and had fallen Smart Home Lifestyle #PanasonicIFA #IFA16 asleep when the beeping started and woke me up. I could hear that it was my alarm systemthat was beeping. So I went to the panel and it said Tornado Alert. I took cover immediately. Otherwise, I would not have known there was a tornado coming. So I went to my closet andgrabbed this chair. I grabbed a pillow from off the bed and put it over my head and closedthe door.
The door locked behind me and couldn’t get out. When I was sitting there with thepillow over my head I could hear the crashing on one side, then the next thing I knew, itwas right in front of me knocking on my door. And I wondered when it was going to be over. It seemed like an hour. There was one first responder that heard me and said to get backand he’d knock the door down. So that’s what he did and I had to climb over the rubble Need some inspiration for your living space? Try these Easy Updates that revive or replace … to get out.
My plan now is to rebuild on the same spot and I will definitely make surethat I have a Vivint Security System. I really believe that it saved my life. I’m thankful to be here right now.