Alrighty, so I got my hands on a pretty messed up iPhone 5c today. See the screen is cracked and it’s com…

Alrighty, so I got my hands on a pretty messed up iPhone 5c today. See the screen is crackedand it’s completely unresponsive due to water damage. It won’t respond to any ofthe buttons; the power or the home button, and it won’t respond when I plug it intoa charger. So I’m going to take it apart and show you a really simple way that willmost likely get your wet phone working again. I’ve had a lot of success with water damageddevices just by swapping out the internal batteries.
Keep in mind that swapping the Leather Furniture Portland – Key Home Furnishings Leather Furniture – A gallery of some of our most … battery won’t always work but it is a good first place to start. Water is pretty devastatingto electronic devices so make sure the phone is completely dry before starting this repair. Because the screen is cracked I can’t use my normal suction cup to lift the screen offafter pulling out the bottom two screws. I’m going to show you a quick little trick thatyou can do with a razor blade, just make sure you are gently pulling up on the frame ofthe screen and not the glass of the screen itself. The frame is much more durable. Youcan see here that the water damage indicator is red as well as the screws in the bottomleft corner of the phone are starting to rust. This phone was completely submerged in waterand has been dead for a while.
Once the screen lifts away from the phone you can start unscrewing 40 Small Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas the metal bracket that holds the battery in. I’ll link the tool kit in the article descriptionbelow. The battery is usually what dies first when water gets inside your phone. Once that metal bracket comes off, unclip the little latch that connects the battery to the mainboard. It is very similar to a Lego piece. The battery will be very strongly glued intothe bottom of the phone. You can use a plastic pry tool to gently pry the battery out ofthe phone.
Just make sure not to put any pressure on the motherboard, you don’t want to causeany damage to your phone when you are removing the old battery. You can see here that thebattery is all soft and mushy. I will link good replacement batteries in the article descriptionbelow, so check that out. They are pretty darn cheap so you aren’t out very much ifit ends up not working out for you. The links are located in the little “about” tabright below this article. Once you have your new battery (you can see this one is muchfirmer than the old one), set it gently in place and clip that little connector backin. It will clip down just like a little Lego.
You can see that we have a working iPhone5C again. Swapping the battery has a good chance of bringing your dead phone back tolife. A battery swap will not fix any screen issues that you are having though. If yourphone turns on but the screen is white or has lines or condensation in it, make sureto let it dry in a bag of rice for a couple days. And if that doesn’t fix it, then maybeswapping the screen will fix that issue. Watch my iphone 5c screen replacement video to seeif it is worth your time and money to replace that. Remember replacement parts are alwayslisted in the article description.
Replacing the battery will most likely fix phones thatdon’t turn on at all, or that don’t hold a charge after being water damaged. If thephone does not recognize a charger you’re going to need to change the charging port.