Alright, took the mountain bike out today and made sure the brakes and everything were good and about 2 m…

Alright, took the mountain bike out today and made sure the brakes and everything weregood and about 2 miles up the trail the brakesAlright, took the mountain bike out today and made sure the brakes and everything were good and about 2 m... – every time I press the back brake it completelydoes nothing. So I’m going to take off the back caliper right here and see what’s on the inside. Tech is everywhere these days but our homes are surprisingly old school. I think it’s about time to do so… It was adjusted fine when I started. It was tight and everything worked great.
But now when I pull on the back brake it pulls tight, but the brakes actually don’t do anything. So I’m going to check out the brake pads and see what needs to happen. So this right here is the caliper. And I’m going to start off with a 5 Allen wrench and loosen up this bolt so the cablewill slip out. Then each of these two bolts right here are the same size. It is very important to have more women in leadership roles in the finance industry, because it’s probabl… I’m just going to get those loose. Same size Allen wrench.
There we go. Now the caliper’s out. So this part right here screws into the back of the caliper right there. This is the back side of the pad. And it looks like there’s enough pad on there. What I think is what happened is that the pad had worn down just enough…and I’llshow you…the pad had worn down just enough so that I wasn’t rubbing on the pad anymore. Right there where the Allen wrench is, is rubbing on the side wall of the caliper whichwould have meant that it was, you know, it had the slick surface of the caliper insteadof the grippy surface of the brake pad to rub against.
So I can tighten that little by little and stick it farther into the caliper again…soI’ll show you. So now it’s sticking farther in. Obviously I don’t want it in that far; I’m just kind of showing how you can adjust eitherside. And then with the other side, as you pull that, that’s what is actually pulled bythe cable. You can see it touch right there. And so I can adjust the cable side of it much easier than this other side. So that’s what was wrong with it.
So that’s how you adjust the calipers on a mountain bike. If you do need new brake pads for your caliper you can find those on Amazon and I’ll linkthem for ya so you can replace the brake pads in these things. Just take a look in the article description below if you need those or just new calipersaltogether. When you’re repositioning the brake line just stick the bolt through. The brake line goes on this side of the bolt and then you stick the nut on. And then if you spin this bolt a little bit with the Allen wrench, then that will justgo on right by itself. So the back of the caliper can be adjusted from while it’s still mounted to the bikeas well.
The only reason you have to take it off is just to double check to make sure the padsare what you think they are…if they’re worn down enough to where you need to adjustthat.