Alright, today we’re going to take apart the Samsung Galaxy Light. It’s kind of a lower end smart phone f…

Alright, today we’re going to take apart the Samsung Galaxy Light. It’s kind of alower end smart phone from Samsung.
Go ahead and take out the back, the battery, the SIMAlright, today we’re going to take apart the Samsung Galaxy Light. It’s kind of a lower end smart phone f... card. And then there are nine screws around the outside. Once you have all of those screwsout you can just kind of grab on the little plastic edge and lift that up. There’s justa series of clasps around the back that hold it to the front of the phone. Here you can How often you should replace your furniture. I believe on couches, on sofas, you should replace your furniture ever… see the loud speaker and the two little contact points that just sit on top of the motherboard.
Pretty cool the way that works. Now you have the, there’s a little ribbon connector thatjust unsnaps like a Lego up at the top. And then once that’s off you can fold the motherboard back and see the little connector on the bottom that goes to the LCD. Same thing with thisone. It’s like a little Lego, just unsnap it and that releases the motherboard for you. Now the back camera is connected via a latch connector, so you just lift up the littlelatch and then the camera can slide out. Super easy to replace.
Put the camera back in, andthen you can re-latch it. Just clip it back down and that holds it pretty snug. When Ipulled out the motherboard my front camera was left in the phone so I’m just going Hello, my name is Nick Shuttleworth and I work as a Technical Analyst here in the Financial Services Department at… to go ahead and slide that back into place as well so when I put the motherboard backin it’s going to be ready to go. Just latch it back into place just like you did the rearcamera. Now the charging port and the SIM card slot are soldered onto the main board, kind of a bummer that they’re not replaceable but, you know, it’s a low end phone. Nowthis is the vibrator motor, the ear piece and the headphone jack. Pretty simple to pullout and replace as well.
This is the screen. If you’re going to replace just the glasswatch one of my Galaxy S3, S4, or Galaxy S5replacement videos. I do not recommend replacingjust the glass because the success rate is so low. But you know, watch those videos andsee if you have the desire to complete that repair after you’re done. They’re prettycomplicated. Anyway, I’m going to go ahead and put all of the components back in again,clipping on the motherboard to the LCD, and then making sure none of the little wire cablesare pushed underneath the board so they’re not pinched or anything like that. Anyway,overall a relatively simple phone to repair.
I would recommend, you know, if you have tofix the screen you can go ahead and try the glass repair otherwise try to do a whole LCDswap. It just kind of depends on what your budget is. With a phone like this, you know,you don’t have a whole lot to lose.