Alright, today we have the Xbox Kinect 2.0 for the Xbox One. This is Microsoft’s camera….

Alright, today we have the Xbox Kinect 2.0for the Xbox One.Alright, today we have the Xbox Kinect 2.0 for the Xbox One. This is Microsoft’s camera.... This is Microsoft’s camera. And first we have to find the screw. So underneath this void black tape that actually says ‘Microsoft’ on it when you peel it 20 Interior Design idea for Small Apartment up, we’re going to find eight screws that line the bottom. Once you get those screws out the back plastic piece pops up and out, which shows a bunchmore screws that we have to remove. And if you’re just taking this apart to clean out the lenses, you don’t have totake these screws out so don’t worry about that right now.
Once you get the screws out you can take apart the back grill for the fan. And then the side grills also pop out. You have to remove the side grills because there are two more screws, one on either side,holding the front face plate or lens cover to the actual device itself. 3Vinoth’s favourite colour is red. – Green. – Purple. – She likes to be pampered… So once you take out those two screws the top will lift up and the front will pop offthe actual Kinect device.
It’s all nice and shiny and you can see the little lenses that cover the infrared and other sensors on the front. I have the actual device right here. And you can see the main camera here, and the motion camera and the other sensors andlenses right there. Now the top motherboard is held on by all these screws. And the fan connector is here. It’s just your normal 5 volt dc fan. And there’s one more screw that holds on the little circuit board on the front thatyou have to remove.
Then that exposes the little white ribbon that you can unclip from the main board andthen that separates the motherboard and heat sink from the actual device itself. This is just the bottom plastic. And then you have the two big wire cables holding the cameras onto the motherboard. So I’ve unclipped both of those. And you can see it also unclip down there at the bottom from the other diodes in thecenter there. And I found it interesting that they have a foam covering over the processor. So instead of using thermal paste they have a thermal foam that connects the motherboardto the heat sink.
The heat sink is massive. So right here you’re going to see a bunch more screws that hold each individual componentonto the heat sink itself. And each one of those…so here’s the main camera with its own little thermal foam attachedto it. Then we have the motion camera. And then we have the rest of the diodes and each of them have their own little processorthat also has its own little foam attached to the massive heat sink.