Alright today I’m going to show you how to take apart an Xbox 360. To pop off the faceplate just…

Alright today I’m going to show you how to take apart an Xbox 360. To pop off the faceplate just kind of grip around the edges and just pry up and away.Alright today I’m going to show you how to take apart an Xbox 360. To pop off the faceplate just... There are a series of clasps underneath that are holding it down.
The side faceplates have two little notches that you are going to slip some tools insideof…could be a screwdriver, could be a pry tool, and it just lifts the edge of the faceplate Learn how to style a bookcase with these simple tricks. Line the back of the bookcase with decor… off so you can grab it. Once you have a little bit of it up, there are 6 clasps around the outside; three oneach side. And what you’re going to look for is the two white holes that are filled in and pressin-between those two holes and that will release the clasp. I’m using a pair of tweezers but you can use a toothpick or a needle and you can seethe little grooves that are popping up and away. On this side you can see it just a little bit better. Between the filled in holes, that’s where the little clasp resides.
Always wanted a space to entertain, but just don’t have the room to do so? There are now m… I’ve gotten those three up and now the other three on this side. Pressing the clasp in and then up pops the faceplate. Now the front of the Xbox has these little clasps that you have to lift up. Just using my little pry tool to wedge them up. And half of the plastic pops off. Flip it over and then there’s a series of latches along the back of the Xbox that youhave to worry about.
So take your little tool that you’ve been using the whole time and press it into thelittle groove and that presses down a little tab which releases the plastic. And you’ll get a better view here in a second. All you’re pressing on is that little niblet at the end of the tab. But you can see how the whole entire tab works;as long as you’re pressing it down it willrelease. Now the bottom of the Xbox will become lose and you’ll see two giant X’s, how creativeis that? There are 6 screws holding down the bottom and they’re super long. So if you take out a screw and it’s not super long, put it back in or else your Xboxwill fall apart.
Now here’s the eject button, just pulls up and away from the Xbox. Now we’re pulling off the top plastic bit. It was being held down by those 6 long screws. Then the front face plate of the drive comes up and off. Then the drive itself is held in by two cables. If you’re replacing your drive make sure you get the correct model number of it. I believe there are 5 different manufacturers and if you buy the wrong drive then it willnot work with your Xbox.
So make sure you get the right model number when you’re purchasing that. Amazon has drives for pretty cheap. I will link those in the article description below. This is the heat sink. It is being held together by these 8 screws along the bottom as well as the metal plateheld down by the rest of the screws. I’m not going to take apart the heat sink today just because you have to re-put pasteon there to help the transmission of heat. But I will show you how to remove the plastic shroud between the fan and the heat sink.
Then the fans themselves are just held in by two little clasps along the top. And then they’ll slide out of the two little pent slots down at the bottom. Then there’s a wire connector powering them from the main board. I’m going to wedge my little tool down in on the little latch and then lift up the littleplug with my other hand. There’s some pretty cool modded fans on Amazon that I’m going to link in the videodescription below that you can check out. They just shine with blue lights. I believe there’s any color…green, red…so check those out if you’re interested.