Alright, today I’m going to show you how to replace the glass pieces on the back of the iPhone 5…

Alright, today I’m going to show you how to replace the glass pieces on the back ofthe iPhone 5 along with the rear camera lens. Pretty straight forward. All the parts andAlright, today I’m going to show you how to replace the glass pieces on the back of the iPhone 5... tools you’ll need for this project are in the article description. Grab a heat gun oryour grandmother’s hair dryer and heat up the top of the phone. You want to heat upthe glass and the glue underneath. So you’d spend about 30 seconds to a minute heating 65 Interior Design Ideas For Small Bedroom up the glass.
I usually wait until it’s a little bit too hot to touch. That way Iknow the glass and the adhesive underneath are hot enough that they will separate. Itake a razor, but you can also use a pry tool and grab underneath the edge of the glass. Mine’s kind of shattered, but you can also go between the frame and the edge of the glass. It’s really important that you don’t slide your razor too far underneath, and if youdo, take the edge of the razor and press it up into the glass so you don’t slice throughany of the important ribbon cables underneath. It’s a pretty straight forward process andas long as you stay near the edge of the glass piece you should be fine. I’ll show youwhere the little ribbon cable is at here in a second.
As I’m lifting up the glass, I’ll When it comes to living room design… hold it down so it doesn’t rip with the adhesive as I’m pulling the piece up. Nowthat the little ribbon cable is safe I can pull the away the glass piece. And you’llsee the camera lens come up and away with it as well cuz the adhesive is attached to the top of the camera lens. If I had to do it again I would just get a new camera lens. This one I’m just going to clean out cuz I don’t have any laying around. And thenonce you get your new camera lens or the one you cleaned, just press it back into place. There are these little holes up in the top corner and the bottom corner and then youclick it down into place on top of the phone.
Pretty easy. With the adhesive you want tobe really careful because the adhesive is really thin and it’s easy to tear. You cansee the clear part right there as it peels away from the adhesive itself. If you do manageto tear your adhesive or ruin it at all you can just kind of cut up the leftover stripsand place it where you need to. You just basically want it all around the outside so that dustcan’t get inside on your lens anymore. Press it down into place then you can lift up thebacking with a razor blade and you should be good to go. Grab that top last piece.
Takeoff the protective covering. Once again these replacement parts you can find in the videodescription below. And then press it in. And you can see all around the top it is prettyflush with the phone itself. It would be near impossible to tell if this phone was everfixed by anybody else. It greatly increases the resale value of your phone, especiallysince the parts are so cheap.