Alright today I’m going to explain how to replace the loud speaker on your iPhone 5. Turn the th…

Alright today I’m going to explain how to replace the loud speaker on your iPhone 5. Turn the thing off.
Be careful with the top ribbon cables. The Pella Insynctive family of smart products can help keep your home’s security, comfort and convenience… If you want to take off the top screen just remove these three little screws right hereand then pop off the ribbon cables and that will make it easier for you to work with. I just kind of propped my screen up on this little block so I wouldn’t have to do more work than I needed to. Anyway, to get to the loud speaker there are three little screws on this metal bracket. You can see me placing the screws on the piece of paper over there exactly where they cameout of the phone, just so I know how to put them back in. And then to get the loud speaker out, there are two screws: one here in the bottom cornerand then the other one is on the other side next to the charging port. Then you have to reach over here and there is this little ribbon cable that’s actuallyglued to the speaker.
So you’re going to have to work at the corners and kind of peel that up gently. Make sure you’re very very careful with that cuz if you rip it it’s a pretty importantcable. Anyway, once that’s off you can just kind of lift the speaker out. And there’s a little plastic clip up at the very top and that’s what’s underneaththe main board holding it tight. Anyway, once that’s out that’s your replacement part right there. So you can just grab another one, the new one, and place it back into the phone. Replace those two bottom screws.
And reattach that ribbon cable. There’s a little, like, plastic protrusion that the little ribbon cable snaps onto. Anyway, once you’re done with that, grab the brackets again. The same three little screws. I put the middle one in first and that kind of helps you line the top and bottom withwhere they are supposed to be. Anyway, and then you can kind of clip the screen back into place. Just start at the top.
You can see it clip in and you’ll hear it clip all the way around the sides. Anyway that’s it.