Alright so today we’re going to replace shocks on a ’91 Jeep Wrangler. This will work for any of the YJs….

Alright so today we’re going to replace shocks on a ’91 Jeep Wrangler.
This will work for any of the YJs. So we have the wheel already taken off, the car jacked up, and you can see the shocksare right there. We got the bolts at the top, bolts on the bottom. This one is rusted out so we’re going to switch them. 20 Elegant Small Living Room Ideas So as I’m trying to take off the top bolt, it’s a 14 millimeter and as I spin it youcan see that the top part of the shock is spinning as well. So what I do is I just grab a pair… and this is alright since we’re just going tothrow these shocks away anyway…I’m just going to grab onto the bar like that witha pair of channel locks and keep on twisting that wrench. The cool thing I like about this wrench is it’s got a little ratchet head in thereso I don’t have to keep on adjusting it, it just always spins on its own.
I’ll put a link down at the bottom of the video so you guys can see how much they cost. I got them off Amazon. So you would think that this wouldn’t be a big issue, but it actually is, even among designers that are m… They are pretty solid little tools. Anyway, so I’m just going to get rid of that bolt. Ok so when you’re installing the new shocks you just put the bolt in the bottom there. And usually the shocks come bound in some kind of way so they don’t stretch out – it’seasier to ship and stuff. I put the rubber washer and the metal washer on it and now we just have to extend it upinto the housing there.
So what I’m going to do is I’m going to cut that and it will extend on its own andI just kind of have to guide it in there. It’s a lot easier to lift with two hands, I’ll tell you that. And then by its own means it will go right up into the top there. And then I’ll put the other washer on top with the little groove there, so it will godown inside the metal housing. And then the nut goes on top of that. So once I tighten it all down, that’s how you install the shocks. Alright so the shocks come with kind of a metal sleeve that goes over the metal partof it so dust and water and stuff doesn’t go down inside of that.
It is kind of a good idea to have them. They’re not super super important but, you know, it’s worth having. You can get them for just a couple bucks on Amazon. I’ll put a link in the description so you can get some of those if that’s what youwant. That’s it. The bottom nut on the shock was a 19 millimeter by the way.