Alright so today we’re going to change the front brake pads. This is a VStar 1100. Basical…

Alright so today we’re going to change the front brake pads. This is a VStar 1100. Basically to get the…this is the caliper right here.
This is what the brake pads are inside of so we got to pop this off. To do that we have two 12 millimeter bolts on…right here. Before you break those off though, loosen these up. Hey y’all, it’s Rose, and today we’re going to take a look at IKEA’s Tread Free, Trade fry, Trade free, I… Basically it’s just a little Allen wrench that pops inside of there and you got to twistit around. It’s a lot easier to break these loose when it’s attached to the bike still. Anyway, so break those off. And when I say break, I mean loosen them gently.
Anyway, so this side I’ve already done. You can kind of see that right there, it’s already coming apart. I already took the brake pads out of this. And how you do that is just pop this out…I’ll show you in a sec. At Pannone we look after people, it’s that human touch. So they know we’ve got a reputation as excellent … So with that bolt out right there you can kind of see this whole part swings up andout and that’s how you get the brake pads in and out. So I already took those out so I’ll show you how to put the next ones in.
So these ones kind of just balance in there. You can see they’re just resting on that little notch and the other one goes in thesame way. So once they’re both in there and resting, you close that lever down and you can seethat these brake pads still have a lot of wear in them left. So I’m going to attach that bolt right there and just slide it back onto the caliper. So one last thing I forgot to mention…these brake pads didn’t need to be changed, butif they do there’s a good chance that your…well your new brake pads will be thicker than yourold ones because your old ones are worn down. So to make room for the pads inside of the caliper you have to compress the little circlething that’s inside of the piston. Usually you can just grab it with a pair of vice grips and just compress it in.
It is pretty difficult so, you know, use some force behind it. But that’s pretty much all you got to do.