Alright, so, the executive assessment. So we looked at the numbers. Total number was?v…

Alright, so, the executive assessment. So we looked at the numbers. Total number was?- Total number was $1,200.- $1,200, which means you didn’t hit the $1,500.- Right. Space – there’s only so much. And when you run out… That’s it.
Or is it? What if you cou… – What do you think of not hitting your number?- You know, there’s things I have thought of already. Like, why didn’t they have a credit car swiper at the front?’Cause that could’ve been an additional revenueversus just cash.- I mean, that’s the negative, obviously. I mean, you didn’t hit the number, but…- Right.- Let me tell you what I saw Alright so I just took apart an iPhone 5 and then an iPhone 5c and I was going to see if we could switch … that I started liking. For the first time, you were really starting to take control. You were delegating to Jayson. You had him going.
I saw you get mad at him for trying to step in.- I saw that he was helping and that I was delegatingand then he was just taking the initiativeto go above and beyond, and I said, “Don’t do my job.”It felt empowering, and, like, it wasn’t anything personal.- I know that what I was asking was a lot. But for me and you,it was all about the executive assessment. Can he make tough decisions? Can he manage people? Can he manage his time? Can he do the thingsthat a CEO of a company can do? And the answer is yes, you can do it.
You’ve always been able to do it. From this day forward, let nobody tell you different.- I won’t. I won’t.- How do you feel?- I just have a lot on my mind right now. This was a very enlightening week. I feel like I can do it. And, I mean, I feel like I have to fire you… From my business managementand handling any of my money.- What are you doing?
Like…this is not what I told you to do this for. You were supposed to get— You didn’t tell me to do this. This is what has to happen. Sorry.- If you have to make that decision— It’s–you didn’t even hear what I had to finish saying.”But, but, but, but, why?”