Alright so here we are. We’re going to go ahead and replace a cable on a DeWalt drill. Thi…

Alright so here we are. We’re going to go ahead and replace a cable on a DeWalt drill. This cable’s coming apart here at the bottom so I bought a replacement. This one’s about 10 bucks, just make sure that you get the right cords.
This one’s a 2 prong and this one’s 2prong as well. Hi! This is Alfred on behalf of Expert Village. Now it is time to evaluate your current spending and set goals. … So go ahead and remove the screws that hold the drill together; I’ve already done that. Pull it apart and you can see on the inside of this, this is a little protective part that we need to slip on the new cable. And then right here, there’s no way of taking this apart so we’re just going to go aheadand cut these two wires and splice it into the same.
We just got to make sure to get the black and the white spliced into the same wire,otherwise we’ll have problems when we go in to plug it in. Anyway, we’ll go from there. Alright so strip the wires just a little bit so you can have enough room to put on the 15 Small Kitchen Design Ideas 2017 connectors. And then also, make sure you put on…if your drill has one of these to protect the cable, make sure you put that on first before you connect the two wires. Alright so I’ve taken each one of these connectors already and placed it on each ofthe wires. It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is take the crimps and crimp it on the end so that it has a tighthold.
Make sure you do one solid crimp instead of multiple little ones and then you’ll havea stronger connection in that. Alright you can see I have both the white wires matched up and the black wires. I have the protector on the cable and I’m ready to…I’m going to go ahead and doublewrap it in electrical tape just as an insulator and protector from water as well. Alright both of the wires are now in electrical tape and then you just go ahead and snakethis through. That just helps put some…helps relieve the stress when you’re pulling on the chordwhen it’s pressed down in-between these little notches. Go ahead and mount the protector again and then just put the drill back together andscrew it in and you’re good to go. And there we go.
We’ve got the finished product; the new cable’s installed which is much better thanthe old frayed one. That one was definitely a safety hazard. And it works. Look at that.