All right, today I’m going to show you how to, it’s called burping the radiator, or the cooling …

All right, today I’m going to show you how to, it’s called burping the radiator, or thecooling system.
You have to do this anytime you switch the thermostat or you do an engineAll right, today I'm going to show you how to, it's called burping the radiator, or the cooling ... swap or you just drain all the radiator fluid out of your car. Basically how you do it istake off the radiator cap and then tilt the vehicle so it’s up on jack stands. Or youcan just park on an incline or something like that. Because basically what happens is that Editing your first 360 video can be a bit confusing. this article will walk you though the entire process… when you fill the radiator up, when you put the radiator fluid in here and in the reservoir,the radiator fluid gets down inside the engine but it doesn’t get inside of these pipes righthere. Inside of these tubes. So burping the system, or getting all the air bubbles out, having it up at an incline, helps the air flow to the front.
So I’m going to turn thecar on and then I have to just kind of squeeze the tubes like that to get the air out allthe way into the radiator and up outside of this, outside of the cap. So that’s what we’regoing to do today. So as you’re doing this make sure you keep an eye on your fuel, yourheat levels, and stuff. Just to make sure you’re not overheating. We’re just basicallywaiting for it to warm up right now because the thermostat opens up at 180 degrees on So unfortunately I got a nail in my rear tire on my motorcycle and it’s letting the air seep out so I hav… my car. So once the car hits 180 it’ll open up allowing the coolant to go inside thosetubes. You can see the air bubbles kind of working there way up to the top there.
I’vejust been pouring some in. That’s why it’s all bubbly and milky. But see how it’s bubbling up and down like that, that’s the air bubbles coming out. All right, that’s it. I was ableto put about another four quarts of coolant in because of that. So if your car is overheatingand you’ve recently done a thermostat change or you think it could be an air bubble, it’llsave you a lot of money just by tipping it up and then making sure all the air bubblesget out of it.