All right, so you’re having a little problem with your earbuds or your earphones. They don’t work either …

All right, so you’re having a little problem with your earbuds or your earphones. Theydon’t work either in one side or on both sides. But you don’t know, is the problem your device?All right, so you're having a little problem with your earbuds or your earphones. They don't work either ... Or is the problem your earbuds? Well, here’s a little test, and it involves using, a potato. This one’s kind of small, but it’s good.
A larger one will work fine just as well. Apenny. We’re running out of these in Canada as we are not using them anymore. A galvanized So I have a friend who is trying to put some of these hooks on a shelf, and with the hooks she was trying… nail. That’s all you are going to need. so, let’s put it together! The first thing youare going to do is to take your penny, or some piece of copper that is sufficient aswell, and you are going to jam it into the potato just like this.
Right in, about 2/3 of the way in or whatever. Something that gets it right into the potato. And then, youare going to take a galvanized nail like this one, and you are going to shove it in, rightbeside the penny. Close, but NOT IN CONTACT with the penny. OK, So there you go. Now Iwill put these earphones onto the camera so you can hear exactly what I am doing. Alright,so that took a little bit of work!
So the earphones are on the camera microphones, soare going to HEAR the left earbud, and the right earbud making noise as I put the connector Today I’m going to show you how to upgrade the RAM, or the memory, on your MacBook Pro. The same… of the earbud in contact with the copper penny and the galvanized nail. Now listen carefully! That’s one side. That should be the left side making noise? And this should be the rightside making noise. If the left side and right side make noise, that means there is electrical continuity within the wires of your earbud that go from the connector all the way upto each earbud!
Alright, so this rules out an electrical problem within the earbud. Ifyou are still having a problem with your audio in your earbuds you might want to check outmy other video titled “simple fix” for “earbuds not working”. Just out of interest, I wantedto show you the output of this potato battery, as you want to call it. So lets check firstthe voltage. We are set on DC volts. The DC voltage is 0.9 volts. Now we are going tocheck for the current.
We will check that in milliamperes, as this thing will have avery little output. Under short circuit conditions this thing puts out 0.4 milliamperes. Verylittle current. Not enough to cause any damage whatsoever to earbuds.