All right, so here I have a Moto X, and I am replacing just the glass on it. So I’ve already gone through…

All right, so here I have a Moto X, and I am replacing just the glass on it. So I’vealready gone through and I’ve taken off the shattered screen just by heating it up to
There are also two screws down at the bottom that hold it in. It’s aT4, kind of a Pentalobe type screw. And then once those two screws are out and all thoselittle pins are out then you can pop off that frame. As you can see the phone still works without the glass in place, so you know the digitizer and the LCD are still fine. Anywayso I’m going to take that glass, go ahead and pop it in to the front side of this, nowthat it’s a little more pliable since it’s outside of the phone, and once it’s in, Ishould be able to plop it right back down on top of the phone and have it work. Theglass itself is just a little bit too big for the frame, so what I went ahead and didis I broke this bottom corner right here so that it would be able to fit inside all theedges. So once I get it tacked onto the phone again as far as like the white frame goesI’m going to put a dab of superglue right on the end to hold it together and keep thedust out of it.
So I’m going to go ahead and clean the underside of the glass and cleanthe LCD on the phone and then plop it right back on top. And I’m going to take some double-sidedsticky tape which is this stuff right here, and put it right here to help adhere the glassdown to the phone again. There we go. The screen’s working way better than the crackedone before. I tried to put a little dab of superglue right on that corner, and it bledunderneath the screen just a little bit. But that doesn’t affect any of the functionalityof it. Anyway, so it’s not perfect.
It’s not like factory but it definitely it a lot cheaperto replace just the glass itself. Not bad for a $20 repair. It’s a lot better than buyingthe whole LCD unit for about $250 online.