A Smart, Connected Home for a Veteran

The new Moni security system is up. We were gonna look at the new security cameras outside butA Smart, Connected Home for a Veteran hey, it’s really hot out there.
Why don’t we just check it out on your tablet. Absoultly. Alright, took the mountain bike out today and made sure the brakes and everything were good and about 2 m… I think thiswould be great at my house. In case Gunny tries to come by. That is amazing. How you guys doing? Very good.A Smart, Connected Home for a Veteran How’s the excitement level?
How To Hang A Photo Wall Was so low. I’m sure it’s beencrazy. So listen. On behalf of Moni smartsecurity, I couldn’t be prouder to havehad the opportunity to take part in theMilitary Makeover and today I want toshow you some stuff about the app andhow the system works. These are the onesyou’re gonna use the most. So when youleave the home, you press the away buttonand just in one, in one press of thebutton, it’s gonna arm your system. It’s gonna lock your front door, it’sgonna turn the lights off, it’s gonnaturn the temperature down in your homeall done very simply with one button.
So it makes life a lot easier foryou and when you get home the oppositeevents are gonna happen. Also on the app is allyour video cameras set up on there your light modules, yourthermostats, so you can control anythingindividually on the app as well too. You can just if you’re sitting onthe couch and you want to turn the lighton just press the light modulebutton light comes on you don’t have to getup for anything. One of the features I reallylike is the on the panel on the dooronce that’s you put in your PIN or yourpersonal password it actually deactivatesthe system. So therefore you dont have to race into thehouse. We used to race up to the panel and put inanother password. That’s really convenient for usMoni focuses on comprehensive homesecurity, the best customer service, andthe fastest response time to an alarm.
It’s been an honor for us, for Moni tobe part of the makeover and for myself as well so thank youagain and appreciate it!