A recent survey found that 70% of Americans are currently worried about their personal fin…

A recent survey found that 70%of Americans are currentlyworried about their personal finances. But yet, 60% of us continue to spend without a budget. Ofcourse, we all could learn to save money. And here to show ushow to budget is Chi-En Yu, from the app company, Goodbudget. We 60 Amazing DIY Halloween Decorations For Your Home Part 1 are so glad you’re on the show today.
Thanks. My husband is soglad you’re on the show today. Aren’t all our husbands happy about that? Now why is just so hard to keep a budget? It’stough, as a mom of 2 I know it can be hard to keep a family of4 on a budget. You gotta get groceries, clothes for the kids,and all of those everyday expenses that can very quicklyA recent survey found that 70% of Americans are currently worried about their personal fin... get in the way of our long term goals. Stuff like paying downdebt and saving for retirement.
The thing is, budgets are 50 Studio Apartment Layout Ideas actually what help us keep all of that on track. Now, I thinkyou brought some envelopes that are gonna drive home the pointabout the necessity of keeping a budget, right? That’s right. Explain. So these envelopes, they represent a super oldschool form of budgeting called envelope budgeting that ourgrandmothers’ used to do. My grandmother, yes. Absolutely.
Before plastic credit cards existed. So she would go to thebank, take out cash, put some in an envelope for savings, somefor groceries, and some for fun. And that way she would haveplanned to save before she went out and spent on groceries andfun. Now, then she’d take those to the store, buy what sheneeds, same thing for fun, and when the money was gone, stoppedspending. Now, who carries cash these days, right? Not me. Butyou carry your phone everywhere you go.
Everywhere. SoGoodbudget is an app that takes all of this envelope budgetingand puts it on our phone. So, I have it on my iPhone, my husbandhas it on his Android, and that way we can always stay on track. No more arguments about what’s left. OK, my husband is gonnamake me put Goodbudget on my iPhone as I leave the set. Youshould beat him to it. I’ll beat him to it.
It’s such a greatidea, you know, and it just sounds like that’s somethingthat helps keep everybody on track and then you don’t havethose conflicts, right? Exactly. And that way our relationshipscan be just a bit more peaceful. I love that.