80 Christmas Decorating Ideas for a Joyful Holiday Home Part 3

80 Christmas Decorating Ideas for a Joyful Holiday Home Part 3 it’s the most wonderful time of the year to go all out on decorations before we begin please check the description area first there are listed links to the original projects and tutorial that exist in this article 80 Christmas decorating ideas for a joyful holiday home part 3 by Caroline Picard 61 celebrate nature mix faux Garland with real greenery weaving in pine cones and a matching SEC ribbon this blogger kept hers secure with zip ties 62 display Christmas cards since you probably receive more Christmas cards than you can count and happily so create a place to frame them 63 sip cocoa who says food can’t double as decor to add warmth to your home create a cocoa brewing station made complete with mugs stirrers and a dispenser 64 create a display a miniature display of Santa Claus and his reindeer looks especially fun on some fake snow 65bring joy instead of a traditional sign that reads joy replace’ o with a wreath that incorporates all colors of the holiday 66 try to reflect this blogger devoted the space in front of her decked out mirror to her collection of angel statues 67 make an ornament tree who needs a real tree or even a fake one pull of a dazzling display with just a few pretty ornaments sixty-eight go rustic turn a wooden slice into a hand-painted silhouette of the most famous reindeer of all 69 coast with snowflakes handy with a crochet needle stitch up snowflake coasters for party guests drinks 70 start at the bottom instead of wrapping garland around the railing this blogger weaved it around the the base 71 get a little tree a baby version of your large Christmas tree is the perfect size for a table instead of a star try above 72string up cookies cinnamon applesauce toe is the base for this gingerbread garland which definitely looks good enough to eat 73 cherish memories hang Christmas cards to make you smile as you pass by a festive staircase 74 think Christmas cookie give up a couple cookie cutters we use as decor hang them from a handmade or store-bought sign in your kitchen 75 hang with care hang your families from an unsuspecting place this year like repurposed table Lakes on top of a piano 76 bring on the merry the traditional phrase looks even prettier when strewn across a vintage window surrounded with nutcrackers and other Christmas decor 77 be jolly it’s easy to find yourself smiling during the holidays but just in case you needed a reminder giant lit up sign displaying this catchy phrase 78 make of all garland strung together a rainbow of ornaments / 79 80 Christmas Decorating Ideas for a Joyful Holiday Home Part 3 Air powered grinders and sanders are the best tools to use for automotive bodywork. Air tools run cooler … decorate with gifts gift boxes double as quirky decor for your window.