50 Scandinavian Home Office Design

50 Scandinavian Home Office Design 50 Scandinavian Home Office Design Do you work from home? Maybe you spend several hours each week bringing work back home from the office? If that is indeed the case, then having a dedicated home office surely helps in making the whole experience a lot less straining and far more efficient. A smart home office seamlessly combines efficiency with aesthetics and ensures that your productivity does not take a hit just because you are at home. And few styles come close to the simplicity, efficiency and understated elegance of Scandinavian design, making it a perfect choice for the trendy, modern home office. You need not revamp the entire appeal of your home and its existing style to have a distinctly Nordic home office. Your home workspace can have a style of its own that is detached, yet subtly connected with the ambiance of the other rooms that surround it.
Since Scandinavian style blends ever so beautifully with refined, modern decor, it is definitely easy to pull off. Here are 50 captivating and diverse inspirations to flip through for your viewing pleasure– Enjoy! Black, White and Some Color! Before starting to shop for your new Scandinavian-style home office, think about what the style represents and its core design principles. For those not too familiar, the Scandinavian design movement was born in the Nordic countries in the early 1930s, though it was not until early the 1950s that people really started to call it by that name. Essentially the style focuses on simplicity and the bare minimum that is needed to survive. Frills and unnecessary accessories and flourishes are seen as a distraction both in terms of form and ergonomics.
Hence it is understandable that bright color is not a real priority when shaping a Scandinavian home workspace. Black and white is definitely the backdrop of choice in Nordic-styled homes and that continues to remain till today. But add some color to this and use the background as a lovely backdrop to showcase stunning pieces, custom decor and your favorite art pieces. Keep the accents colors to a minimum and repeat the hues that you use to give the setting visual symmetry. When Space Is a Premium As we discussed earlier, this is a style that is a product of the environment that it grew up in (as is the case probably with every other design style). If space is an absolute premium in your home, then Scandinavian style is the one you need to embrace to give the home office a more cheerful, airy appeal. Long, cold and often severely harsh winters meant Scandinavian designers were forced to create spaces that were light, breezy and visually uncluttered.
Also, its innate minimalism means that your small home office will benefit immensely from the much-needed organizational overhaul! Engaging Pattern While ornate decoration does not really fit well with Scandinavian style, simple geometric patterns and lovely wall murals work brilliantly. Here again, pick templates and patterns that are not too jarring on the eyes and feature clean, straight lines. A lovely rug in black and white with a 3D geometric pattern, a custom wallpaper or decal that gives the room an engaging personality, or even tiles that steal the show without taking over the entire space are all options that you can consider. Zigzag, chevron and smart midcentury motifs often make the biggest impact in Scandinavian home offices. Finding Shelf Space – Nordic Style! Floating shelves and sleek cabinets that vanish into the white backdrop are the preferred options in the Scandinavian home office.
This is an essential part of the design, as the cabinets and open shelves not only accentuate the style of the room, but also help in keeping the clutter to the minimum and aid in efficiency. Think vertical when it comes to file cabinets, and you can even add a freestanding bookshelf or two if you have a workspace next to the open plan living area. These additions will help define and demarcate the home office and also give you a sense of privacy. Wood is an inherent element of Scandinavian design and while changing the flooring of the room in order to accommodate a shift in style is both demanding and hassle-ridden, adding wooden cabinets is a lot easier. Think of sleek units in light wood grain and you can even paint them white to make sure that the blend in the backdrop. The opposite approach of using feature lighting and dark, black bookshelves also gives the home office a surreal appeal as the shelves instantly become the focal point. Picking the Right Decor One thing that oozes through a gorgeous Scandinavian style home office is the high-quality of decor and the sculptural beauty of the pieces used to shape it.
Classic icons like the Eames Molded Chair, the Wishbone chair, Parsons Desk and other amazing midcentury pieces instantly elevate the appeal of your own home office to an entirely new level. Investing in one of these is well worth the tug on your purse strings, as they will serve you well for years to come. If you have a much tighter budget to work with then fret not! Custom pieces crafted locally, vintage flea market finds and even cheaper IKEA furniture can create a similar ambiance when used with creativity. Invest in one or two really awesome pieces and think quality ahead of quantity when planning for your new Nordic-inspired home office. With the right blend of natural and artificial light, some natural greenery in the form of a potted plant or four and your favorite wall art pieces, you can easily create your dream home office even in the smallest of spaces! 50 Scandinavian Home Office Design