45 Small Apartment Living Room Ideas

45 Small Apartment Living Room Ideas Are you living in a small space?
You’re not alone! In fact, many small interiors can be found in vibrant cities. Some of the most spectacular urban apartments are spatially challenged. One benefit of small-space living: you are forced to de-clutter on a regular basis, which trains you to clean out from time to time. This “keep it simple” attitude can carry over to other areas of life, such as your work desk or your storage closet. See–streamlined living has its perks! Today we take a look at ways to decorate a small urban space, and finding images for the post was anything but difficult.
That’s because some of the most innovative design is occurring in big cities where–you guessed it–spaces are smaller thanks to high-rise living. The result: an array of creative solutions. From choosing pieces that reflect light to making the most of corner space, we’ve got some great ideas for you. Here are 45 small apartment living room ideas.