37 Hidden Storage Ideas For the Home

37 Hidden Storage Ideas For the Home No matter whether you prefer the sleek lines and spartan appearance of modern architecture or the sweetly charming antiques and ruffles of shabby cottage chic, nothing ruins a home’s aesthetic more quickly than out of place items and unsightly appliances.
With interest in minimalism at an all time high, you may feel that purging all of your belongings is the only option when it comes to creating an uncluttered home. Thankfully, building hideaway storage spaces can permit you to maintain a visually stunning home while still allowing you to hold on to items that you don’t want on display. Especially in very small homes and apartments, adding hidden storage can visually increase your available space by secreting away belongings that aren’t in use. Kitchens are possibly the easiest room in which to add extra storage since they already contain cabinets and shelves. But by adding hidden kick plate drawers, a hidden knife rack, or even a hidden fold down table, you can expand your available workspace. Items like laundry can be a more difficult storage challenge. If you don’t have the option of installing a laundry chute, you can still camouflage mountains of dirty clothes by making use of hideaway hampers and ironing boards.
Below are 35 examples of clever storage built into underused spaces which can instantly cut the clutter in your home.