35 IKEA Workspace Ideas

35 IKEA Workspace Ideas We’ve all been to IKEA. Sometimes for the meatballs, to get furniture, or just a few things to spruce your room up. If you have pretended that one of the rooms on display belong to you (and hated all the uninvited guests who just seem to keep coming into your space), look no further. IKEA Home Ideas is a new series that will show you how to pick out items from the display rooms, that are easy to mix and match.
These items are aesthetically pleasing, and they will definitely help with your productivity! Today’s article on workspaces will focus on “clear space equals clear mind”. When you are trying to work on something important, you need all that creative goodness flowing in, but that stack of books, random pen on the floor, piles of clothes etc. can stifle your thinking process sometimes. Maybe it’s all in your head, but it does affect the way you work. Here are some items based on the IKEA catalogs, that can help you create your perfect workspace that will be Instagram story ready for your “being extremely productive” shots.