35 Awesome DIY decor project ideas

35 Awesome DIY decor project ideas There’s no way you won’t want to make at least five of these ideas. This is 35 Completely Awesome DIY Projects by Mallory McInnis. 1. Make a pennant to show that you’re pizza’s biggest fan. Let’s get pizza, let’s go! Let’s get pizza, let’s go!
Full tutorial at Fairgoods. Step One:Begin by cutting out the pre-printed designs with a sharp pair of fabric scissors. Started with the red pepperoni. Step Two: 35 Awesome DIY decor project ideas How to Achieve Financial Stability. When times are tough, you can hang on if you’re organized and determi… Arrange your felt pieces on each of the pennants until you’re happy with the placement, and begin gluing. Step Three:Once you’re done gluing, trim off any excess felt hanging off the side of the pennant. Step four:Thread your needle with embroidery thread and begin stitching around the edges of the felt.
And, Step five:Spray the starch over the pennants (if desired)to create a stiffer finish, and let dry. Looks delicious, right? 2. Turn your pet’s face into a clock.“It’s time to eat. Meow.””It’s time to go for a walk. Bark.”How could you refuse either of them? Jerry Rig Everything back again for the announcement of the Play Station 4 and the Xbox One contest … Impossible.
Supply list: Canon Semi-Gloss Photo Paper Plus, glue, clock kit, nail polish, X-Acto knife and Cannon printer Step 1. Print your favorite front facing photo! Step 2. Once printed, glue your photo onto some foam board that is at least an 1/8-inch thick and use an X-Acto knife to cut out the face. Step 3. Customize the clock arms with nail polish! Step 4: Assemble the clock.
All done.3. Cover a door in giant polka dots. Polka dots make *everything* better. Start with a door, move on to your walls, your furniture, and then your car…Supplies needed:Matte white adhesive vinyl and Cutting machine or a circle cutter. The circle is 4 inches in diameter and you can read the full tutorial at SarahHearts.com.4. Make some “gemstone” soap to use in the shower. Or just display them in a bowl beside your sink—they’re so pretty!
Materials needed:Stephenson Crystal Soap Base Clear and Opaque, Food coloring, Glass microwave safe measuring jug, Silicone Caulk (for mould making) x 2, Range of tupperware pots, Stirrer, Retractable Blade Knife, Masking Tape, and Scissors. The hardest part of this DIY is following 13 instructions available on the other website. Check info to know more.5. Add some sparkle to a pair of plain shoes. Use red glitter to make a more casual version of Dorothy Gale’s famous ruby slippers. Full tutorial at The Crafted Life. Total cost to get this new art is around $20.6.
Assemble a personalized version of Guess Who using photos of people you know. You could also use celebrities or characters from your favorite TV shows. Materials:Craft plywood for the bases, Wood rectangles for the pieces, Dollhouse hinges and screws, Permanent double stick tape, Super glue, Craft paint (optional), A thin wood dowel, Muslin bag, and Thick cardstock. Almost all these stuffs can be bought in Amazon. You can use this craft to capture 25 to 50most influential public figures in your life or closest Facebook friends.7. Construct a light-up marquee sign in the shape of whatever word you choose. I’d also add a “girl” marquee beneath it.
That’s not something I say a lot, too! And not just a Ryan Gosling tribute.8. Stitch up a giant pretzel pillow for your couch. Did you KNOW National Pretzel Day is this Sunday, April 26th!? I sure hope so. In addition to snagging some free pretzels, I highly encourage you to make this pretzel Pillow!‘Cause everyone needs a pretzel pillow, ladies and gents. Yes, it does involve a little sewing but it’s the perfect beginner sewing project you only need to stitch in a straight line.9.
Whip up a candle that will keep your home smelling like your favorite cake—Funfetti! Just beware: you may end up disappointing visitors who’ll think that you’re *actually*baking a cake10. Make a gemstone garland to add interest to a boring white wall. Want a little Wall bling? How about these way cute and WAY easy wood gemstone garlands? This whole project took me about an hour and that is with crazy children sabotaging me at every turn…SO it could take less time. Step 1:Print out the paper and cut out the gem stones.
I printed mine out onto card stock which makes it easier to cut around it with an x-acto knife. Visit link to get a downloadable gem stone pattern. Step 2:Outline the gems with paint and decorate however you would like, you can get creative. Step 3:With the other gems, outlined them with black and then filled them in with the other colors. Step 4:Glue the back at the top of each gem. Last step:Stick on the cord.11. Give a vintage suitcase a make-over with paint.
Check out your local thrift store to find an old suitcase for a couple of bucks—It doesn’t matter if it’s a hideous color(you’ll just be painting it anyway!). by Delineate Your Dwelling.12. Assemble a stylish pendant light using copper pipe. This project is inspired by a lamp that costs over $2000, but this will only run you about $50. Step 1: Math. Step 2. Spray paint.
Step 3. Cut the pipe. Step 4. Clean the pipe. Step 5. Assembly. and Step 6.
Hang it. Tutorial by The GatheredHome.com Check info to know more.13. Use your crochet skills to make an utterly adorable apple. If you don’t know how to crochet…LEARN or just buy it for $3.50 Australian at Etsy! He’s that cute. Full tutorial (and pattern) at Down Grapevine Lane.14. Make some teeny tiny macaroon charms to turn into jewelry.
Materials:Polymer Clay , Screw bails, Earring blanks , and Bead reamer (or sharp skewer). Turn two into earrings or go crazy and string a whole bunch of them onto a necklace. Full tutorial at Fall For DIY.15. Build a serving dish to use at a Jurassic Park viewing party. A new use for an old toy. Cost of supplies: Free if you raid your kid’s toy box and garage, but none of these items were more than $4each in stores. Time: Ready in 2-3 days.
Full tutorial at Three Little Monkeys Studio.16. Make a clutch that showcases your emoji obsession. The perfect way to carry your phone. Supplies:Vinyl fabric in yellow, pink, and black. Zipper. Fabric scissors. Fabric glue.
X-Acto knife. Emoji clutch template (downloadable). Round bowl or plate about 8″ wide. Binder clips (optional). Non-stick sewing machine foot (optional)and Chicago screw for handle (optional).17. Transform a pile of confetti into a fun bowl. This project is so easy you could even have your kids join in and make one with you.
Confetti bowls for everyone! By VJuliet.com18. Make a gorgeous necklace or an eye-catching refrigerator magnet display using crystals. The prettiest way to keep your jewelry organized. The main secret is Premium construction adhesive glue you can get on Amazon for less than $5.19. Use paper to make some succulent plants that will never die. You could make a whole bunch of these and turn them into a wreath.
Download the template and get the full tutorial at Lia Griffith. If the slide-show plays too fast, continue to link provided inside info20. A fruit-themed nursery? Sounds good. Use felt to create a fruit mobile. With this DIY you can add some summer fun to your baby’s nursery(or heck, any room of the house). Full tutorial at Simply Peach Baby.22.
Display your favorite photos with inventive neon triangle frames. You could use triangles in a variety of different sizes and set them up like a mountain range.1. Get your local hardware store to cut some marine ply triangles for you. Make sure they are small enough for an A4 printed photo.2. Print your favorite photos and while they are drying, paint the edges of your triangles in neon paint.3. Cut your photos to size and glue to the triangles.4. Allow to dry and display!
Check info to know all supplies you need.23. Make a lil’ wool cactus to store your pins in. As useful as it is cute. It mimics a real barrel cactus. Full tutorial how to make this Geometric Cactus Pin Cushion at Delia Creates. Do this DIY and cancel your plan to adopt a wild baby cactus from nearest dessert.24. With a technique called plain weave, add some nature to your walls with DIY leaf art.
Palm leaves have never looked so cool. by Monsterscircus.25. Turn some lanterns into octopi for your next party. Your party isn’t under-the-sea themed? That doesn’t matter! Everyone loves an octopus. Full tutorial at Bondville include all supplies you need to prepare before calling your kids.26.
Make a pom-pom for every letter of the alphabet. Young children could play with these instead of alphabet blocks (they’re so much softer and more cuddly). Full tutorial at Mr. Printables. Include with some positive testimonies that will charge your motivation.27. Construct a headboard you can display art on. When you get sick of one print, just swap it out for another one.
Instruction:1. Cut a plywood so that it is 5″ wider and taller than your print2. Center your print on the plywood.3. Use a hot glue gun to trace a very thin line under each edge of your print.4. Use ModPodge and a paint brush along the edges to seal the print in place.5. Let it dry and then screw it into the wall.28. Make an herb planter that looks like a strawberry.
Full tutorial at A Charming Project. Supplies: Round ceramic planter, Oregano herb plant (additional soil may be needed), broad paint brush, angle paint brush, Martha Stewart craft paint in wedding cake, tartan red, and chamomile. You could also make one that looks like a pineapple.29. Make a headband to wear when you’re feeling groovy.*Searches for disco playlists on Spotify*Full tutorial at A Subtle Revelry.30. Turn a broken necklace into bobby pins. A smart way to keep a damaged piece of jewelry from going to waste. More detail at Tell Love and Chocolate.31.
Make a watermelon serving tray that’ll be perfect for any summer BBQ. Ideal for carrying lemonade and fruit salad. by Oh So Beautiful Paper. Transform an unfinished wooden circle available at most home improvement stores into an adorable serving tray worthy of any backyard party!32. Add some color to your fridge with paint-dipped magnets. Alphabet magnets are fun whether you’re a kid or an adult. Check info to visit article DIY.33.
Turn a plain rug into one that everyone will go nuts over. DOUGH-nuts over, that is. by The House That Lars Built.34. And while you’re in a doughnut frame of mind, whip up an apron to protect your clothes from stray sprinkles and falling frosting. Step 1: Print your donuts onto your transfer paper. Step 2: Cut around the outside and inside edge of each of your donuts. Place your donuts on top of your apron to see what placement you like the best.
Step 3: Flip over each donut so the printed side is facing the apron, and follow the instructions on your iron-on paper to adhere the donut. Step 4: Once all the donuts are ironed on, allow the paper to completely cool before slowly peeling off the backing. Step 5: Once all the backings are removed, your apron should be ready to wear!35. Construct a pallet swing bed to spend every nice afternoon on. And every nice morning. And evening. And night.