3 Cute DIY Room Decor ideas

3 Cute DIY Room Decor ideas Hi guys! Winter is approaching and it’s the time to give a makeover to your room I’m sharing some DIYs that will add some colors, warm and cozy look to your room. In this article, I’m making some stuffs using wood sticks Because I feel that wood stick give more warm look and cozy look to your room I love adding colors to my room If you like to do the same, So give this article a big thumbs up :)For the first decor, You need some colorful pompoms , wood stick and glue Start by sticking pompoms on the wood stick using glue I have used both craft glue and hard glue But I found hard glue sticks better Stick as many as pompoms you want You may put this piece in any bottle or vase I’ve made this glittery bottle at home. If you want its tutorial so give this article a big thumbs up I love candles as they add coziness to my room So I’ll be making a wood stick candle holder you need a small glass, hard glue, scissors wood sticks and jute thread Start by measuring the height of the glass and cut the wood stick according to that Make sure it is 5-10 mm longer than the height of the glass Our aim is to wrap the glass with these wood sticks You may also use cinnamon sticks Now apply a line of glue and stick the wood Repeat this process until you cover the whole glass while sticking the wood, make sure the glass is resting on its base so that it’s balanced from the bottom after completion Now wrap jute thread around the glass to the center Tie a kot and it’s done put a candle inside and light it For the last one, we’ll be making a colorful wall hanging For this you need a long and thick wood stick around 2 feet some colorful yarn scissors clothes pin and jute thread First cut the yarn as per the length you want I’ve cut approx 60 inches but every yarn piece need not be of identical length Now tie a knot from the middle of the yarn piece on the wood stick Repeat the process Decide the width of each color When you’ve completed with one color, repeat the process with other colors Beauty of this piece is the color combination So choose as per your heart When you’ve completed this process, take a long jute thread and use it as a hanger by making knots at both corners Hang it on a wall and pin a photo you love using wooden clothes pin and we are done Don’t try to be perfect while making any of these as roughness gives them a bohemian look and that’s the beauty of these pieces I’ll see you very soon. Stay Calm & Stay healthy. Bye Bye