25 Small Closet Organization Ideas

25 Small Closet Organization Ideas 1. Customize your storage boxes. Instead of buying organizers for unruly belts, scarves and bags, make your own containers out of cardboard boxes. First, remove the top flaps and cut the box down to your desired height. Then, wrap it in a pretty, patterned paper and attach a label to the front. 2.
Maximize your hanger space. The Wonder Hanger lets you hang your shirts, jackets and pants vertically on one hanger, plus its strong metal frame supports up to30 pounds of clothing.3. Hang jewelry on a thread rack. Transform your ordinary thread rack into a fabulous jewelry organizer. All you have to do is mount the item on your closet wall before you hang all your necklaces and bracelets. 25 Small Closet Organization Ideas NYC’s premier source for top quality sofa beds Our motto: quality furniture served with care … 4. Keep your clutch collection in order.
Store your clutch purses in one section by using a lid rack to line them all up.5. Add portable drawers to your space. Invest in sturdy portable drawers that can easily be tucked under your clothes rack.6. Store accessories in a catch-all behind your door. Hang this shoe organizer over your door and stuff all miscellaneous items in the pockets.7. Place clothing items in garment bags. To keep your dresses and suits dust-free, use garment bags to section off your closet while your expensive clothes stay clean.8.
Extend your closet in a spacious bedroom. This cheap clothing rack makes for stylish bedroom decor when you hang up your favorite fashion items. 9. Straighten up your shoes. A shoe shopping addiction can wreak havoc on valuable closet space. Try these sturdy storage boxes to neatly group and stack your footwear.10. Hold together your hat collection.
Display your team spirit while keeping your family’s baseball hat collection in order with this handy holder that slings over the back of any door. Each rack keeps hats from getting crushed in drawers or cabinets.11. Preserve pant pleats. Tired of wrinkles ruining your dress pants? Instead of cramming them in with the rest of your wardrobe, give your slacks their own area with this space-saving pants organizer from Rubbermaid. How to Create a Faux Headboard 12. Make laundry day a breeze.
If your laundry is taking up too much space, ditch the clunky hamper in favor of this durable canvas bag. The built-in hanger means it can dangle almost unnoticed amidst your wardrobe.13. Display your odds and ends. No matter how organized you try to be, there will always be items without a clear home. Instead of shoving them chaotically into a drawer, save space with this hanging mesh organizer.14. Take your shoes for a spin. Shoes are a beautiful thing, so put them on display with the Shoe Wheel—a clever device that resembles a hamster’s wheel.15.
Tidy those ties. Tie collections are tricky to tame—a bulky holder can take up too much space and a flimsy organizer can send ties to the floor. Luckily, we found this handy holder, which showcases all of your husband’s ties on a single hanger.16. Pack away your purses. Chances are you own more clutches, satchels, totes and wallets than you can keep track of. But with this convenient way to arrange your collection, last-minute accessorizing is simpler than ever.17. Simplify your sweaters.
It only takes a few sweaters to add a whole lot of bulk to a closet space. Why litter your shelves with clunky sweater stacks when you can use these sleek canvas cubbies? Better yet, include other items as well to keep your closet clean.18. Combat coat confusion. As winter approaches, it will soon be time to dig up your family’s coats and have them handy for the cold days. Before you buy an imposing coat rack or cram your heavy coats into half of your closet space, consider a sleeker design.19. Make your belts behave.
Small items can be the trickiest to store, often robbing precious space for garments and other accessories. The tough leathery material of belts makes folding them impossible, so your best bet is to hang them.20. Divide and Conquer Shelves are handy for storage, but items can easily fall into chaos. Prevent T-shirts from trespassing into tank-top territory with these chrome dividers.21. Up closet space. Mount four towel rods on closet doors’ interiors for scarves and paint the bars to match.22. Label everything.
Pretty labeled bins hold less-used items, like holiday accessories and travel gear, and the garment organizers below are like a filing cabinet system for your closet.23. Commit to the one in, one out rule. Lorie Marrero creator of The Clutter Diet, Spokesperson for Goodwill Industries International and Ambassador for the Donate Movement turned one client’s linen closet into a shoe closet. Now, it can fit no more than 57 pairs in clear plastic boxes and an over-the-door pocket organizer—no more, no less!24. Customize for less. Rip out your closet’s single-rod system and install a new Elfa closet system from The Container Store. The biggest benefits?
Multiple double-hang rods, handy shelves and baskets from Walmart and, best of all, portability—you can take the system with you when they move out of a rented house.