25 Christmas Tree Ideas for an Unforgettable Holiday

25 Christmas Tree Ideas for an Unforgettable Holiday Nobody loves a red glass ball (or glitter, or tinsel) quite like we do. before we begin, please check the description area first, there are listed links to the original projects and tutorial that exist in this article. 25 Christmas Tree Ideas for an Unforgettable Holiday.1.
SANTA CLAUS STYLE. Celebrate the guest of honor by copying St. Nick’s style. Stick to red and white ornaments, including candy canes, and top the tree with a fur-trimmed hat.2. RUSTIC WOODLAND. A cozy Christmas in the country requires (battery-operated) 25 Christmas Tree Ideas for an Unforgettable Holiday Rooted in a rustic pastoral lifestyle, country decorating can introduce simplicity and warmth to any home… candles plus wooden ornaments. Round out the scene with a pair of old-fashioned snowshoes and bottle-brush trees in place of a skirt.3.
WE THREE KINGS. For a regal theme, mix royal purple with hits of gold and sapphire. For even more sparkle, stick self-adhesive jewels on colored balls.4. SOUTHWEST DESERT. It’s the opposite of a winter wonderland — the American Southwest inspired this festive space. Turns out, cactus ornaments and sunset-colored gift wrap provide plenty of Christmas cheer.5. WHITE CHRISTMAS.
Decorated with paper doves and frosted pinecones, this monochrome tree suggests a recent snowfall, regardless of the actual weather forecast.6. FAMILY TRADITION. “The tree in the kitchen is edible, a tradition my mother kept when I was growing up. It’s decorated with cookies, ribbon candy, gumdrops and other old-fashioned candies that people can eat right off the tree,”7. CANDLE ORNAMENTS. Real candles give the Christmas tree in artist Clare Potter’s home an old-fashioned charm, but for safety reasons you should use lights at home; all-silver ornaments from Williams-Sonoma Home delight the eye.8. ARTS AND CRAFTS.
Artfully hung with Chinese silk pincushions and silk flowers designed by floral artist Katsuya Nishimori, this Christmas tree provides a focal point for a seasonal cocktail party and a family dinner.9. RED FRAMES. Sticking with a strict color palette offers a crowded tree a little more peace, and these red framed ornaments make for an extra tidy arrangement. Hi, my name is Maria Enomoto from Consumer Credit Counseling Service, and today we are going to talk abou… 10. WHITE BERRIES. Red and green don’t always need to take center stage. This blogger used white faux berries as garland around her tree.11.
SEASON’S GREETINGS. A picture is worth a thousand words — but we also love displaying a cheery message to spread merriness throughout a home.12. A TREE IN EVERY ROOM.”We always throw a big party for about 400people, and I started putting trees throughout the house to get guests to circulate and not congregate in the one room with the one tree,”say designer Barry Dixon. 13. IVY TOPPER. This blogger’s tree is full of handmade and store-bought ornaments, but the real show stopper is carefully placed on the very top.14. NEUTRAL TONES.
For a more subtle look, use muted colors to complement your evergreen.15. GLITZ AND GLAM.”I’m from New Orleans, and once, after a hurricane, my mother gathered the fallen magnolia leaves and preserved them in glycerine until Christmas,”says designer Suzanne Rheinstein.16. BIG AND SMALL. Utilize every inch of a short and stout tree by hanging ornaments in a variety of sizes.17. MEMORIES CAPTURED. This blogger isn’t a fan of themed trees, but proudly boasts DIY ornaments that showcase family photos.18. MINI TREES.”After too many years of erecting a 20-foot behemoth, I’ve simplified,” says designer Jamie Drake.19.
WOODLAND CREATURES. Owls, deer and bears — oh my! Achieve a similar woodland look by highlighting your favorite furry friends.20. BLUE ACCENTS. A white frosted tree has tons of combination possibilities. Try mixing in pops of blue for an icy effect.21. FALLING SNOWFLAKES.
Replicate a snow flurry by scattering large flakes around as ornaments.22. LITTLE DRUMMER BOY. Take a note from a classic Christmas carol. This blogger was inspired by “The Little Drummer Boy.”23. TOTALLY TRADITIONAL. When Mark and I were first married and still in grad school, he painted dozens of ornaments on shirt cardboard. They still have pride of place on our trees every year,” says designer Duane Hampton.24.
VIBRANT RIBBON. Instead of wrapping your tree in a horizontal direction, drape ribbon vertically for a fresh look.25. COSTAL INSPIRED. Beach lovers should take a handful of their favorite things and turn them into ornaments for the perfect by-the-sea tree.