21 Awesome Small Kitchen Design Ideas

21 Awesome Small Kitchen Design Ideas The kitchen is the most important room in the house as it takes care of our stomach. It is that place of the house where delicious dishes are cooked by the woman of the house.
Today we are showcasing “21 Awesome Small Kitchen Design Ideas”. Checkout and get inspired! Whether space is big or small, the importance of kitchen can never be, measured by the size of the area. We all wish to have a lavishly designed kitchen in our house. We get to see lots of luxurious kitchens on TV shows, on the internet or maybe when we visit the house of someone very rich. But the problem is most of the people don’t have enough budget to create a huge and stylish kitchen. But that does not mean that things are impossible.
Small kitchen design can be very cost effective and efficient. Some may think they are faced with design challenges but with the proper planning and some creativity, you can make your small kitchen both functional and beautiful and space oritneted too. There are many products available that will help you with your small kitchen design. Check out our latest gallery and get inspired for some wonderful ideas. This is one beautiful example of the use of creativity in a small space kitchen. The choice of white closed cabinets where all the appliances can be arranged without creating a mess. The focal point of this design is the antique chandelier, which gives this otherwise modern design a touch of old world charm.
Minimalism is the main concept of this design. The more we have the more haphazard it gets. Although space is small it should be such which can meet all your needs and functionalities. The hanging wine bottles and wine glasses are making the kitchen appear more attractive. The main attraction in this kitchen design is the choice of hanging lamps with the bright yellow colored cabinets. A small area but a very decent one. The seving space with sink is an added attraction to the complete look of the kitchen.
White has always been a color which cannot be disliked by anyone. This Mid-sized contemporary u-shaped enclosed kitchen idea in London with a double-bowl sink, flat-panel white cabinets, laminated countertops, white ceramic backsplash, is a very beautiful example to go for. This is a very beautiful and attractive design to go for while planning for the renovation of the kitchen area. Size does not matter here. The beautiful and colorful hanging lights and the choice of rustic walls as making space look bright and energetic. This is a kitchen design where everything that is needed is available. Neither more nor less.
A very easy idea for a small space kitchen design is arranging the appliances into a galley structure. The industrial setting and cold white color palette bring bright and lighthearted ambiance in this beautiful kitchen. Turquoise color is the latest attraction and is chosen by many if mediterannean or farmhouse look is to be chosen for our house. The printed walls, wooden closed cabinets, the nicely carved door of the kitchen is just wonderfull designed. This is one beautiful example of small space kitchen and the creativity applied here is just awesome. This midcentury kitchen design with hanging lights and the stools to sir and order is looking really awesome. Get inspired for this small modern kitchen remodel in Cheshire, Peninsula.
Right from the wall floor to ceiling cabinet food storage and refrigerator, the chocie of white colored walls and furniture is making the space look bright and energetic. With due regards to the invention of new technologies and ideas, when it comes to small kitchen design, don’t feel like you’re stuck with the same old design techniques. This homeowner was stuck with a very unconventional kitchen space, in the sense that they had a narrow space but very high ceilings. To work with the architecture instead of against it, they went high with their decorations. White cabinets and natural oak hardwood is a great combination for decorating the small kitchen with sophistication and natural appearance. It reflects the bright energy and visually enlarges the size of the elements in the kitchen, and the wood adds a warm and beautiful essence which creates a profound and soulful ambiance in the place. In this unique kitchen, an antique cherry red fridge serves as a main focal point of attraction.
The homeowner was smart enough to keep the rest of the look simple, with muted dark grey cabinets that don’t overpower the brightness of the fridge. I am in love with this rustic kitchen design. Rustic u-shaped kitchen idea in Denver with glass-front and light wood cabinets, stainless steel appliances, a farmhouse sink, and multicolored backsplash are really good and soothing the eyes of the onlooker and the visitors. Check out this small Danish u-shaped kitchen photo in Other with a drop-in sink, flat-panel white cabinets, no island and window backsplash. Check out this Shabby-chic style enclosed kitchen idea in Los Angeles with distressed cabinets, white backsplash, subway tile backsplash and white appliances making the space look very bright and sophisticated. The choice of the red carpet is just awesome. A traditional design of decoration is always welcomed by us, This is a wonderful example of a small classic galley kitchen design in London with an under mount sink, shaker white cabinets, wood countertops and white backsplash.
Check out this small transitional kitchen photo in Vancouver with green backsplash and an island. Unless you’re very tall, a small set of kitchen steps will encourage you to use it, too. Cupboard storage also fits beautifully beneath the island in this kitchen. Get inspired by this kitchen design idea demonstrates that you don’t have to feel locked into working with design ideas from just one era. Mixing the old with the new can create a look that is charming yet current. Check out this wonderful kitchen design idea that has kitchen cabinets in pear wood combined with vintage St. Charles metal upper cabinets with clear glass doors.
Get isnpired by this ornate kitchen design in Providence with beaded inset white cabinets, white backsplash, subway tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances, medium tone hardwood floors and an island.