20 Brilliant IKEA Bathroom Organization Ideas

20 Brilliant IKEA Bathroom Organization Ideas It’s easy to be intimidated by the way IKEA stages their perfect showroom bathrooms, but it’s a lot simpler than you’d believe to transform your dull washroom into a spa-caliber sanctuary using their furniture just a little differently than intended. To help get you there, we’ve rounded up 20 spectacularly (mostly) simple hacks to give your loo a fresh look.1.
Add Missing Sink Storage If you bathroom vanity doesn’t come with a shelf, install one of IKEA’s super slender picture ledges. It’ll fit under just about any mirror, and offers a handy spot to stow items you use every day, like your favorite perfume.2. Cleverly Create a Sink With Storage That’s a salad bowl sink. Pure genius? 20 Brilliant IKEA Bathroom Organization Ideas Condo Tech Tour – My Home Tech We think so. And as if this hack couldn’t get any better, the vanity is also a lacquered IKEA dresser.3. Use Kitchen Cabinets If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million(okay, 12) times: Don’t limit your use of kitchen cabinets to your cooking space.
In bathrooms, these storage compartments are the perfect height for a double-sink vanity.4. Update Boring Furniture Nothing gives away that a piece of furniture is from IKEA faster than that black-brown wooden color. Here, a green finish goes on top, creating a vintage vibe that makes this piece look like it’s one-of-a-kind (and now it sorta is).5. Store Hot Hair Tools Here’s an excuse to finally pick up that super-cheap kitchen utensil holder you’ve been eye-ing at IKEA for sometime. It’s just as handy in your bathroom for storing your curling iron and straightener. Just throw the hot tools into the container to cool — and avoid nasty burns. 6.
Keep Essentials Within Reach The RASKOG Cart is without a doubt the most flexible IKEA item (it’s useful in seriously every room). And in the bathroom? It’s the most convenient way to make sure toilet paper and tissues are only an arm’s length away.7. Give Makeup a Home These pod-like containers (dubbed the PLUGGIS system) attach to the wall, creating compartments to store makeup, brushes, and remover — it’s basically a wall-mounted vanity and saves tons of floor space.8. Enhance Your Toilet Paper Holder By adding leather straps that hold a small wooden bar, the BEKVAM Spice Rack becomes a toilet paper dispenser that has a shelf on top for air fresheners — so your bathroom can be oh so much more pleasant. This bold and graphic kitchen has one-of-a-kind details everywhere you look. The overall … 9.
Make Furniture Work Double-Duty The BEKVAM step-stool is a double-duty bathroom organizer: You can use it to give kids a boost when they’re brushing their teeth or washing up, then rest hand towels on it the rest of the time.10. Turn a Shelf Into a Towel Holder This ladder shelf is often found in living rooms, and looks elegant holding books and magazines — but in the bathroom it offers slender storage for clean towels and toilet paper.11. Display Nail Polish What better collection is there to keep on the BEKVAM Spice Rack than nail polish? It’s built to hold small, round containers and lets you peek at the colors before picking the one you want to use.12. The butcher block vanity While the BEKVAM may have been developed with kitchens in mind, it makes for a simple and rustic vanity too. You’ll need to cut a hole out of the top to fit the bottom of the sink basin, and perhaps test your carpentry skills on the shelving below13. Toiletry spice racks Turns out, IKEA’s handy wall-mountable wooden spice racks are perfectly sized to stash all the random hygiene products you’ve got squirreled away in all the vulnerable nooks and crannies of your bathroom.
14. Sink-side shelving If you’re lucky enough to have some extra room on either side of your sink, these tall KALLAXs can provide some much-needed storage space.15. Rustic tub front panel paint Your inexpensive tub liner may work perfectly well, but it’s nothing to look at. Give it an interesting rustic facelift by fastening a series of connected wooden shelves along the facade, painted whatever color best suits your existing decor.16. Hang-anywhere toiletry caddies For those who haven’t been blessed with unlimited storage space for toiletries and the like, this is one plain and simple informal solution. Find the center of your rope, then fasten each’s hooks at equal points along each side and hang it from a hook on the back of the bathroom door17. A privacy wall of stacked glass vases If you happen to find yourself in a setup where there’s a large open space with a standalone bathtub and little privacy, this is worth looking into.
First you’ll want to coat the inside of each and every vase with a paint color of your choice, and let it dry. Then it’s time to build your wall, stacking them ever so carefully in a brick-like pattern with clear epoxy between each layer, ensuring it’s as secure and solid as possible.18. Reverse-mounted shelving Keep stacks of towels easily accessible and out of sight by mounting a KALLAX backwards wherever you have some narrow free space, securing it with brackets along each shelf as well as along the top and bottom.19. Clean and simple shower caddy There’s plenty of use for this handy storage setup outside the kitchen. Install the rail along the wall above your tub and hang your choice of soap or loofah caddies up along the edge. And if you have little kids running around, it also functions as a great spot to stash all their bath toys20. Industrial floating storage Another more involved project, this shelving setup is the most impressive on the list.
You’ll need to whip out your tool belt to do some minor carpentry to construct the bottom shelf and coordinate the whole pipe frame, but just keep reminding yourself it’s worth it.