20 Best Skylight Ideas For Your Home

20 Best Skylight Ideas For Your Home Nothing beats the feeling of being touched with the sun’s light and warmth.
This will make us feel relaxed and although it is warm, it is still refreshing. That is why homes would opt to have big windows around to allow natural light to enter the space. But there are also some who add skylights to even let more sunlight in the house. This way, one can also save electricity since the area is lighted with the sun’s light during the day. If the moon is shining during the night, one can also see that through the skylight. Today, we are going to feature living rooms that doesn’t just have lovely designs but also skylights. You will surely love the living room interiors below that feature skylights in various designs and styles.
So if you are planning to add one in your home, you will surely get ideas from this list. You will also see how the skylights are positioned in the living room and how it added appeal to the entire space. Here are 20 Best Skylight Ideas For Your Home. 1. Eco Home KT2I know you noticed all those movie posters in the living room. Interesting right? But aside from that, I also like the prints on the throw pillows and the skylights that bring in brightness to the space.
20 Best Skylight Ideas For Your Home Hayneedle.com Furniture and decor For the love of home … 2. Collection This living room sure has a huge amount of sunlight in it and it looks very nice. If you want to rest under the sun, the is the space for you.3. Friston Street This spacious living area has simple furniture in it and a tall plant that adds freshness to it.4. Walnut Residence A long and narrow living space became brighter with the addition of skylights in it. It is also a nice idea to add a wall of storage spaces that link directly to the kitchen.5. Finlay Eichler Major Remodel Notice the position of the skylights.
Isn’t it unique? You can try this one too because aside from achieving brightness in the living area, it can also be an added appeal to the space. I do love that purple area rug. 6. Family Room The ceiling of this living room is similar to the previous entry but the skylights were positioned on a different manner.7. Pacific Avenue Aside from windows that brighten the room, it also has its own skylight as well.8. Ridge Road The ceiling is made of wood and has voids on it for a skylight.
It looks really nice indeed making the space appear more inviting.9. Bondi House Being able to get to the yard from the living room through a sliding door is already nice but with an added skylight, more brightness get into the space. Condo Tech Tour – My Home Tech 10. East Hampton House The concrete fireplace is a good focal point in the living room and it was a nice decision to add skylights on it as well especially that it has high ceilings.11. SW Portland Modern Many elements from nature are seen in this living area and it is just right to let the sunlight join in.12. Living spaces This living room looks really beautiful with the brick stones on the wall and the white colors in it. But aside from that, the skylight is one amazing feature in it too.13.
Los Gatos Estate At the center of the living area is a the skylight which makes you feel like you are in Hawaii or something because of the design of the ceiling and the materials used in it.14. Creswell Residence A classic living room is enhanced with added skylights. I know that you have noticed how it brought more life here.15. CG – Living room I like the colors used in this space from the blue flooring to the pastel colors of the throw pillows. Even the exposed beam is painted too. 16. Old Hill House What caught my attention at first glance is that purple chair in the living room with wooden beams on it.17.
Sumptuous Family Home London Isn’t that glossy fireplace a treasure? It sure is! But everything in this living room actually looks sophisticated with a skylight that makes it even more inviting.18. Clarendon House The combination of purple and yellow is very nice in this living room with an octagon skylight. You would seldom see a skylight shaped like this but it does look really beautiful and unique as well.19. Transformation of a Family Home in Wood Shop Love the colorful area rug that brings a bright vibe into the space. I also like the furniture used here.20.
Ross Residence This living room has modern furniture in it with a skylight in the center. I can tell that there are many lovely features in this home merely by looking at the living room. What can you say? Adding skylights to the living room is indeed an amazing way to let natural light fill in your home. It would also be more relaxing when you have one and you are able to look straight to the sky even when you are inside your house. Aside from the living room, it can also be placed on other areas of the house.