15 Creative Dollar Store Home Decorating Ideas – Dollar Store Crafts

15 Creative Dollar Store Home Decorating Ideas - Dollar Store Crafts When you need a quick, cheap solution for a cluttered room, design project or party, the dollar store always delivers. From jars and buckets to candles and hula hoops, with a little creativity and DIY-power, you can transform any bargain store item into a clever organizer or decorative accessory. These are our favorite dollar store hacks for organizing and decorating. 1.
Wall Mirror Make a decorative mirror the centerpiece of your living room. Compact mirrors from the dollar store are glued onto a circular wooden frame to create this groovy shape.2. Paneled Mirror It’s hard to believe that this beautiful paneled mirror cost Dollar Store just $11 to make. Even better: No special tools are required to make it! All you need is duct tape and glue. If you think this mirror looks familiar, several high-end stores sell their own versions for a lot more than $10.3. Candle Lampshade For your next special occasion, temporarily re-purpose a few wine glasses into lovely votives with DIY lampshades.
15 Creative Dollar Store Home Decorating Ideas - Dollar Store Crafts 60 Amazing DIY Halloween Decorations For Your Home Part 2 4. Magnetic Memo Board Can you believe this cute memo board was made from a metal burner cover from the dollar store? Jazzed up with some spray paint and patterned paper, it’s the perfect way to stay organized in your home office.5. Moss Topiaries Create these stylish faux topiaries with a few styrofoam balls, wooden dowels, sheet moss, and a flower pot from the dollar store.6. Drawer Organizers Use basic plastic organizers in your bathroom drawers to create a sense of organization in an area that’s usually full of chaos.7. File Box Catchall Attach a file box or magazine organizer to the wall in your bathroom, to use as a catchall for your hair dryer, straightener and other appliances 8. DIY Topiary Trees These topiary trees could easily be from a high end home decor store—just grab a few terra cotta pots, paint, and faux greenery balls to get started.9.
DIY Rope Basket Turn a dollar store laundry basket into a chic place to throw blankets and other soft items. Wrap rope of any color around the basket and glue it tight with a hot glue gun.10. DIY Ribbon Holder Organize your ribbon collection with a paper towel holder. You’ll be able to find the perfect ribbon for your DIY projects much faster.11. Mail Center With a fresh coat of spray paint, transform a dollar store shower caddy into a modern mail organizer. Never let your mail pile up on the kitchen table again! This is Patrick Munro, financial adviser, asking the question, “Does it pay for me to refinance my mortga… 12.
DIY Cork Board Organizer Cork boards are great for organizing in your office, but have you ever considered using one in your kitchen cabinet? It’s a great way to organize measuring cups.13. DIY Jewelry Wall Hangers Create a fashion forward jewelry wall hanger with small mirrors. Glue cabinet knobs to the center and display all your pretty necklaces.14. DIY Polka Dot Mirror Polka dots never go out of style! Create this stellar mirror by surrounding it with wood pallets.15. Pretty Pen Pots Keep the cans from canned foods, and wrap them in dollar store craft paper.
Store your office supplies, like pens and pencils, in a cute and organized way.