14 Small House Organization Ideas

14 Small House Organization Ideas These small space decorating ideas, storage solutions, and smart finds will help you maximize each square foot, regardless of the size of your house. Take a look at these 14 Organization Ideas for Small house 1. Ceiling Shelves The vertical space above your furniture can be cleverly utilized with built-in shelves that hang down from the ceiling for your books, frames, and other items that don’t need to be used on a daily basis.2.
Corner Shelving If you look around your home, you may be shocked to see all of the corner space that is not being used to its full potential.3. Utilize the area under the stairway. This overlooked part of the house has tons of pack-it-in potential. 14 Small House Organization Ideas 25 Small Closet Organization Ideas 4. Under-The-Stairs Conversion Although not always easy to get to, the storage space that is usually under the stairs is nice.5. Sliding Walls Too many walls in a small home can make it seem even smaller, but what if you had the versatility of a wall that you could slide open or closed based on your needs.6. Double your space with mirrors.
While it sounds like a vanity project, surrounding yourself with mirrors creates the illusion of more room.7. Swap your sofa for a settee. Yes, a large couch will work in a space-challenged house, but some rooms call for something less intrusive.8. DIY Over-The-Sink Storage Limited on drawer and counter space? Place a cubby shelf over your sink (or the wall next the vanity) to keep your toiletries handy but out of the way9. Put your pantry on display. No space for a pantry?
No problem! Just outfit a utilitarian shelving system with breathable baskets that can corral everything from various types of produce to bulky bags of dry goods like flour and sugar.10. DIY Slide-Out Cabinet If you have any narrow spaces in your kitchen that aren’t being lived up to their full potential, consider a DIY pull-out cabinet that will keep your kitchen essentials convenient without taking much space. DIY Decorated Pumpkin 11. Small-Space Command Center Having a centralized spot in the home where everyone can go to check the calendar, see what’s for dinner, or make notes is a great way for a family to stay organized, and that’s all you need is a small wall or corner of the home.12. Curtain Separation For siblings that share a room, consider using curtains to separate their space while still leaving a nice open feel.13. Backsplash Storage Instead of placing everything (coffee can, sugar, butter, salt & pepper, cork screw, etc.) on the counter, keep the space free and use your backsplash as storage!14.
Floating Vanity Shelves Small counters and limited drawer space seem to be THE biggest problem in a small bathroom. Take advantage of the wall space next to your vanity with floating shelves for all of the items you use often.