12 IKEA Kitchen Ideas – Organize Your Kitchen With IKEA Hacks

12 IKEA Kitchen Ideas - Organize Your Kitchen With IKEA Hacks When you want to give your basic furniture a personal touch, you can’t go wrong with DIY. Need some inspiration?
These IKEA hacks will without a doubt help.1. Add Extra Drawers Sometimes shelves just don’t cut it. Sure, they’re great for storing tall appliances. These IKEA-hacked drawers allow you to customize your pantry as you see fit.2. Wrangle Under-the-Counter Space While these tin cans were originally created to hold spatulas and serving spoons. Use adhesive tabs to hang them on the inside of your cabinet so they’re easy to reach. 12 IKEA Kitchen Ideas - Organize Your Kitchen With IKEA Hacks Smiledrive Super Smart Wifi Camera installation Download the ‘V380’ APP on iOS or Android Device by going… 3.
Store Extra Pantry Items The RASKOG cart is handy in just about every room and in the kitchen it’s a convenient place to store overflowing pantry foods, like popcorn kernels and soda.4. Make a Bonus Island The IKEA BILLY Bookcase is kind of like the open shelving version of an island. The back it totally exposed and reveals organized compartments for baking supplies, books, and even snacks.5. Treat Cookbooks Like Wall Art Floating picture frame rails are strong enough to display your favorite cookbooks on kitchen walls. We think the gorgeous covers make a supremely delicious statement.6. Make Room for Guests If your kitchen space is tight and you don’t want to keep four clunky, full-size chairs at your table, don’t. These BEKVAM Stepstools are the perfect seat in a pinch, and tuck under the table when not in use.7.
Hang Herbs This IKEA wine bottle holder can store a lot more than your favorite reds and whites: Squeeze pint glasses with your favorite herbs into the compartments to make a DIY hanging garden. 8. Extend the Length of Your Island Sometimes you need extra counter space (like on Thanksgiving or when you’re making homemade pizza!). Here, IKEA’s BEKVAM Cart got a makeover so it can roll it around as needed. plus, it stores bowls and towels when not in use.9. Organize Your Drinking Glasses If you like your glasses as close as possible to your kitchen’s water source, use an IKEA spice rack to hang ’em on the cabinet closest to your sink. Your thirst will thank you.10.
Enjoy Rolling Around Here, a white IKEA bookshelf gets wheels and a brand-new countertop, all of which fits snuggly under a wooden L-shaped table. Need more seats? Push the shelf out and add some stools in the back. 21+ Home decor ideas for renters 11. Corral All of Your Spices For kitchens that are bursting with flavor(read: lots of spices) you need places to keep your paprika, garlic salt, and 500 other tasty toppings. Here, 68 of IKEA’s RAJTAN jars fit onto four RIBBA picture ledges with ease.12. Help Storage Blend In If your kitchen has tons of rustic charm, an IKEA staple with a blond finish will stand out like a sore thumb.
But a little DIY and a butcher block top makes it fit into the room and helps it serve as bonus counter space.