10 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas That Will Transform A Tiny Space

10 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas That Will Transform A Tiny Space For a space so tiny, a whole lot has to happen in the bathroom.
And don’t get us started on fitting all our makeup, haircare tools, medicine and more in a cramped vanity. These 10 Genius Small Bathroom Ideas That’ll Totally Transform Your Space create new storage in spots you’ve probably never thought about before. That way, you can have your nail polish and flat iron, too. 1. Make cabinet doors more valuable If the space under your sink is stuffed full, squeeze in a few more items on the cabinet door. This organizer features a hair dryer caddy, a hook for the cord and a compartment for curling and straightening irons.2. Use every corner The suction cups on these organizers allow for easy installation in your shower and put awkward spaces to work.
They come individually, so you can stack as many as you want in a row.3. Look above your toilet The one space almost every under utilizes: 10 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas That Will Transform A Tiny Space A typical workday at TIAA can be summed up in two phrases. One, it’s very fast-paced and i… The wall above their toilet. This organizer offers a stylish solution, with a cabinet and two adjustable shelves up for grabs for all of your stuff.4. Install an outlet shelf Instead of letting your electric toothbrush or razor take up valuable counter space, this shelf takes advantage of vertical storage.5. Buy a swing towel holder Towels piled on top of each other never get dry. This swivel rack keeps all of them separate.
It’ll save you major wall space, too.6. Hang a caddy in your tub Instead of leaving your bath essentials scattered along your tub’s edge, use this silicone pocket to keep everything in one spot. It’s heat resistant, so you can also use it on your counter for your blow dryer or flat iron.7. Keep towels on your door We already established under-the-sink space is a hot commodity, so instead of stashing your colorful guest towels out of sight, display them on your door. This also makes them easier to grab in a hurry. 8. Try a shelf on your holder If you think you already own this toilet paper holder, look closer: This dispenser comes with a storage shelf for reading materials, tissues or your cell phone (store it here before it accidentally falls from your pocket to the toilet bowl).9.
Keep cosmetics front and center Think about what you store on the back of your medicine cabinet right now. Nothing? Thought so. These cubbies will keep all of your brushes and colors organized and off of the counter(even better). 50 Small Bedroom Design Ideas for Girls 10. Slide a cabinet by your sink Sometimes sink basins make a cramped bathroom feel even smaller and when you have a sink with no vanity, well, where does stuff go? But this narrow organizer (it’s only 4.75inches wide!) features three baskets and will fit into most awkward spots.