10 Ideas Of Decorating Tealight candles At Home

10 Ideas Of Decorating Tealight candles At Home 10 Ideas of decorating tealight candles at home Material Required : Tealight Candles Laces Mirrors Fevicryl 3D Outliners Foam Sheets Glitter sheets Pastel sheets Hot Glue Gun Take a tealight candle and lace Stick it on candle with glue gun like this No. 1 is ready Take mirrors and stick them on candle with glue gun No.2 is ready Use different shapes of mirrors Now, cut a piece of foam sheet and stick it on candle No.
3 is ready Take patterned foam sheet and again stick it with glue gun on candle cut the extra sheet No. 4 is ready Stick satin ribbon on candle and give it a new look Now, paste a thin piece of lace with glue gun on ribbon No. 5 is ready Likewise stick pastel paper strips on tealight candle No. 6 is ready You can paste a strip of glitter sheet on give it a glossy look No. 7 is ready Now, first paste foam sheet on candle and then stick mirrors on it No.8 is ready make decorative pattern on pastel sheet candles with 3D outliners No. 9 is ready You can write any message on candles with sketch pen No. 10 is ready Make candles of your own choice and give likes to this article